Inclusive and

Sustainable Growth

Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

UNDP’s work to enhance economic development in the Republic of Uzbekistan comes at an important time, as it continues its gradual economic transition and works to overcome hurdles appearing in the process. UNDP is working to improve economic governance in Uzbekistan, while working with civil society and the private sector to generate employment opportunities, improve rural livelihoods, introduce micro-finance and business advisory services, facilitate cross-learning and encourage entrepreneurship.


UNDP has worked with national NGOS and government partners to achieve its objectives, working to conduct grassroots programs to benefit local communities while providing policy advice and building national capacities in key economic areas, in order to increase employment and limit poverty. It also works to enhance the Government of Uzbekistan’s ability to develop and pursue cross-sectorial policies, and to provide support at a regional level for formulating regional and local development strategies.

Programmes and Initiatives

UN Joint Programme “Building the resilience of communities affected by the Aral Sea disaster through the Multi-partner Human Security Fund for the Aral Sea”
Support to Investment Climate Improvement in Uzbekistan
Business Climate Improvement in the regions of Uzbekistan
Reducing Pressures on Natural Resources from Competing Land Use in Non-Irrigated Arid Mountain, Semi-Desert and Desert Landscapes of Uzbekistan
Support to Public Finance Management Reforms in Uzbekistan
Initial Implementation of Accelerated HCFC Phase Out in the CEIT Region
Market Transformation for Sustainable Rural Housing Project Goal
Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness Programme in Uzbekistan Project Goals
Building the resilience of communities affected by the Aral Sea disaster through the Multi-partner Human Security Fund for the Aral Sea

Developing climate resilience of farming communities in the drought prone parts of Uzbekistan

The Aral Sea region has been heavily affected by severe climate change impacts, worsened by the degrading state of the Aral Sea. In Karakalpakstan, increased occurrence of droughts is placing serious strains on what little water is still available for irrigation.

Sustainable natural resource and forest management in key mountainous areas important for globally significant biodiversity

Sustainable Management of Water Resources in rural areas in Uzbekistan: Technical Capacity Building (Component 2)

The project aims at strengthening institutional frameworks and technical capacities for water management at basin, water user association and farm levels while increasing the awareness on effective rational water use.

238.5 thousand 

business entities operate in Uzbekistan

whose share in the total exports account up to 30%. We train exporters and national partners on how to use trade analysis tools and  prepare market profiles for export promotion.

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