Fortifying farming communities in drought-prone parts of Uzbekistan

Jasurjon Ibragimov supports a climate adaptation project to fortify farming communities in drought-prone parts of Uzbekistan.  

Digital lawyers stepping up to the COVID-19 Challenge

The TSUL free legal clinic and pilot legal clinics will compiling lessons learnt, in order to inform their operations going forward.  

Water for Food Security

Food security is a top priority for Uzbekistan, while agriculture also plays a critical role in the country’s economic development.  

Waiting in line for notaries – soon to be a thing of the past

What the E-SUD system has done in Uzbekistan for accessing justice, the E-Notary system has done for the process of seeking legal approvals and authorizations.  

Better health, employment and land-use in Karakalpakstan, through livestock development

Not only have the advanced technologies introduced through the cooperatives helped enhance agricultural output, but they have also limited the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.  

How Uzbekistan manages to curb the incidence of the Coronavirus

In Uzbekistan, the recovery rate of patients with COVID-19 is growing up, and the spread of the virus is declining.  

UNDP ensures the energy efficiency of residential buildings in the pandemic conditions

In the future houses will serve to solve the problem of shortages of natural gas and oil, and, according to experts, can save consumer energy costs by half.  

How one business switched from fashion to facemasks

Small businesses and social enterprises are key to strengthen from the grassroots, the wellbeing of women and men in Uzbekistan.  

Diversification – as a key to business sustainability

"Rano Sheber" the diversified workshop on wool processing supported by UNDP in 2019 today started the production of masks.  

Climate change adaptation measures ensure food security in Karakalpakstan

During the total quarantine, residents of the five northern districts of Karakalpakstan have constant access to agricultural products  

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