Sustainable natural resource and forest management in key mountainous areas important for globally significant biodiversity



Project Start Date:

May 2017

Estimated End Date:

May 2022

Geographic Coverage:


Focus Area:

Climate Change & Environment


15. Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss.


State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan Ecology and Environmental Protection (Goscomecology) and the Inspection for Control over the Protection and Use of Biodiversity and Protected Areas (Bioinspection) under Goscomecology; State Forestry Committee of Uzbekistan; State Border Protection Committee of Uzbekistan; State Customs Committee of Uzbekistan; JSC “Uzbekistan temir yullari”; Province and District Administrations; Local self governance bodies as representatives of communities; Associations of Pasture Users; Communities of Protected Areas buffer zones; International Snow Leopard Trust; Panthera; Snow Leopard Conservancy; The Secretariats of International Conventions (e.g. UNEP-CMS), and their working groups; Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan and its specialized institutes.


Project Goal

The project objective is ‘To enhance the conservation, and sustainable use, of natural resources in the biodiverse high altitude mountain ecosystems of Uzbekistan’. 

Expected Results

  • Quality of environmental information for state cadaster improved;
  • State of knowledge on snow leopard and prey populations enhanced;
  • The management effectiveness of the core conservation zones in Ugam-Chatkal State National Nature Park strengthened;
  • The conservation security of Gissar Strict Nature Reserve extended and improved;
  • Community involvement in, and beneficiation from protected areas enhanced;
  • Sustainable pasture management practices incentivized;
  • More sustainable levels of forest use with engagement of local communities encouraged;
  • Inter-agency coordination in conservation, monitoring and enforcement improved;
  • The capacity for trans-boundary planning and management strengthened. 


Mr. Abbos Akhadov, project manager, Sustainable Development Cluster (SDC)

Tel.: +998 93 5016590




Focus area:

  • accelerate structural transformations
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