Policy Action For Climate Security In Central Asia





November 2020 – June 2021






Goal 5: Gender Equality

Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Goal 13: Climate Action


Focus Area

Climate Change and Disaster Resilience



Centre of Hydro-meteorological Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Project Summary

The project is aimed at enhancing policy action for climate security in Central Asia through supporting more robust and coherent climate change action and increasing public awareness. It will contribute to stronger UNFCCC COP26 commitments.  Enhanced climate change policies will reduce conflict, promote energy/food and climate security, stability, and resilience to climate change risks in Central Asia region.  



Expected results 

Key outputs of the project will be enhanced technical, political economy and climate risk sensitivity analysis and scientific data available to national climate change decision makers; and target countries step up engagement in COP 26 and advocate for more coherent, risk informed climate change policies and increased public awareness and advocacy for locally appropriate, climate change actions.



Project contact information

Aleksandr Merkushkin

E-mail: aleksandr.merkushkin@undp.org

Tel: +998 71 2358513

Address: 72 Bodomzor str.,  Tashkent 1000052 



See more information about the project on the transparency portal.


Project office:

UNDP in Tajikistan

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