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UNDP-UNESCO Joint Project “Addressing the urgent human insecurities in the Aral Sea region through promoting sustainable rural development”

The project will improve the wellbeing of communities affected by the negative consequences of the Aral Sea crisis in line with the government’s policy that highlights addressing the negative…  

Promoting Youth Employment In Uzbekistan

By 2020, equitable and sustainable economic growth through productive employment, improvement of environment for business, entrepreneurship and innovations expanded for all.  

Improved Public Service Delivery and Enhanced Governance in Rural Uzbekistan

The proposed project aims to enhance the capacity of government agencies for improved public service delivery by expanding accessibility to public services, integrating service delivery systems and…  

Support to implementation of Charter-based and Treaty Bodies recommendations in Uzbekistan

The overall goal of the project is to strengthen the capacities of national institutions on human rights and the rule of law to implement effectively and transparently the recommendations of UN…  

Empowering Women to Participate in Public Administration and Socio-Economic Life

The overall objective of the project is to empower women, increase women's participation in public administration in accordance with the provisions of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms…  

Support to Civil Service Training in Uzbekistan

The project provides assistance and support in further strengthening the institutional and training capacities of the Academy, by organizing various capacity development programmes, improving existing…  

Support to enhancement of law making, rulemaking and regulatory impact assessment/Phase-2

The project aims to enhance the quality of legislation by improving the regulatory environment through participatory and transparent processes, alignment with evidence-based policy and international…  

Market Transformation for Sustainable Rural Housing

The project objective is to provide Uzbekistan’s rural population with improved, affordable and environmentally friendly living conditions.  

Public Administration Reforms and Digital Transformation

he overall goal of the project is to provide support to the Government in implementation of its national development agenda on PAR and Digital Transformation with the aim to deliver public services…  

Rule of Law Partnership in Uzbekistan

The overall goal of the Project is to strengthen public access to and trust in Uzbekistan’s judicial system.  

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