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Dear esteemed guests and participants,

Assalomu aleykum hurmatli ishtirokchilar!

Taking this opportunity, let me congratulate you with 30th anniversary of independence of Uzbekistan and wish you prosperity.

It’s my great pleasure to welcome you all in today’s event devoted to the World Ozone Day - September 16.

United under Vienne Convention on Preservation of the Ozone Layer and its Montreal Protocol, the world community has been able to successfully phase-out ozone depleting substances, known as freon or refrigerant, contained in refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment.

Considering the threats posed by COVID-19 pandemic, it becomes more important to keep vaccines within the certain temperature to safe the people’s life.

Therefore, the motto of the World Ozone Day 2021 is “Montreal Protocol – Keeping us, our food and vaccine cool”.

I am very pleased that UNDP with the State Committee for Ecology and Environmental Protection, Mahalla and Family Support Ministry and other national partners is every year organizing awareness-raising events on importance of protection of the Ozone Layer.

During these events, UNDP Uzbekistan with all involved partners brings together people with different background, thereby promoting to leaving no one behind.

This year, a great work for gender mainstreaming to refrigeration and air-conditioning sector has been completed to demonstrate women’s leadership role. This included conducting a comprehensive contest “Best start-up project”, which included trainings for women and girls in technical sphere, business development and management in the four regions of Uzbekistan.

Today, we will announce the winners of this contest.

In addition, an online learning platform with the training course for all who are interested in becoming technician in refrigeration and air-conditioning sector has been commenced and is operational.

As a result, to date, more than 300 participants have registered, and 164 trainees, including 50% women and girls, successfully completed this course and received online certificates.

These initiatives are in line with Uzbekistan’s priorities on gender mainstreaming; adopted the National programme on complete Ozone Depleting Substances phase-out (supported by UNDP/project) and contributes to achieving the nationally adopted Sustainable Development Goals.

I believe that with our partners participating in today’s event and through other joint actions we will succeed in raising public awareness on environmentally friendly technologies and environment-related responsibility of each of us.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, I would like to express my gratitude to you for your participation in today’s event and call upon active participation.

Bayramingiz muborak bo’lsin! (Happy Holiday)


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