Over the past half century, due to a sharp decline of water flow to the Aral Sea, an ecological crisis has occurred on the territories of the Aral Sea basin. Today the main goal is to improve the ecological, economic, and health situation of the local population, as well as to strengthen the innovative creative potential of youth living in the Aral Sea region.

On November 9, 10, 12, 2021 within the framework of the UNDP and UNFPA Joint Programme on “Building the Resilience of Local Communities Against Health, Environmental and Economic Insecurities in the Aral Sea region” financed by the government of Japan, experienced experts trained the representatives of the District Departments of Health and  Emergency, Village and Makhalla Councils of Citizens, Educational institutions as well as  Farmers, Ecologists, Builders on “Disaster risk reduction and capacity building based on the human security concept in the Aral Sea region” in the Bozatau, Karauzyak and Chimbay districts.

During the training, the consequences of the Aral Sea disaster were discussed in detail, as well as measures to counter the deteriorating environmental situation. The training covered the following four areas:

1) Ways to improve environmental problems resulting from water pollution.

2) Prevention of the risk of natural disasters such as dust and salt storms resulting from the drying up of the Aral Sea.

3) The use of new technologies both in climate change adaptation and the development of agriculture for improvements in the socio-economic situation of the population.

4) Human health and safety.


During the training, the participants gained knowledge and ideas about what measures should be taken to prevent a natural disaster in the Aral Sea region. The specialists shared knowledge on the relationship between climate change and human health in the Aral Sea region.

The activity helped to increase the knowledge on Early Disaster Risk Reduction measures among representatives of governmental institutions and local professionals in the Aral Sea Region.

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