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According to the UN, one in five women and girls aged 15 to 49 report having experienced some form of violence during the year. At least 15 countries have yet to criminalize domestic violence.

The lockdown implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic have also led to an increase in violence and discrimination against women in many countries. The pandemic has also limited women's access to various types of help.

The role of law enforcement agencies in protecting women from discrimination and violence is significant. To this end, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan has created a staff of inspectors and psychologists on women's issues, a separate department in the crime prevention system, as well as its regional departments.

In addition, a new institution was introduced to protect women from discrimination and violence - the Protection Order. The practical application of the Protection Order is to fulfill its obligations to ensure the safety, legal rights and interests of women in the process of resolving family conflicts without harming the family.

To further build the capacity of institutions of law enforcement in order to protect women's rights, on October 6-7, the Ministry for Support of Mahalla and Family, together with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and with the financial support of the Swedish Embassy, ​​an online training seminar was held.

100 inspectors, psychologists, prevention inspectors and other employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs working with women participated in the seminar. During the two-day online seminar, all particpants were divided into groups of 50 people.

Qualified trainers specified in working with women who have suffered from abuse talked about international conventions against violence against women and national legislation, types of harassment and violence as well as best international practices to eradicate and combat them.

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