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After series of training conducted in August-September, 2020 the UNDP in Uzbekistan in the frame of the UN Joint Programme on Social Protection is initiating a process on piloting application of international norms in disability assessment and determination procedures.

On October 9, 2020 the sets of technical equipment were handed over to the Republican Inspection of Medical and Social Expertise and the Association of Disabled People of Uzbekistan. These modern sets of ICT equipment will enhance the capacity of the national partners in the application and introduction of the principles and norms of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and the International Classification of Functioning, Health, and Disability (ICF) in social and human rights based disability assessment and determination procedures that will enable the country to move away from the medical approach and ensure the full inclusion and equal participation of persons with disabilities in the society on equal basis with others.

“With the effective use of these new tools the national partners will be able to collect, analyze, record and use the disability data on the assessment, determination, classification and ensure the right level of inclusive participation of people with disabilities in the life cycle of the society that will definitely enable the smooth transformation from the medical to social approach in social protection of persons with disabilities and their families”, says Mr.Nematulla Mirjalilov, deputy head of the Republican Inspection for Medical and Social Expertise under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The modern ICT equipment will be a helpful tool in successful piloting of international disability instruments by collecting and storing a disability information, data management and systematization in daily routine work and information exchange between the respective national agencies and DPOs, especially in the current COVID-19 pandemic situation when the majority of national partners have to work remotely.

The social and human rights approach in disability assessment and determination is essential for scaling up by including it into a newly designed National Social Protection Strategy and its subsequent implementation. This will also ensure the effective and timely monitoring of the provision of equal opportunities for persons with disabilities with respect to the design of a disability-inclusive education, employment and anti-discrimination disability policies

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