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Tashkent, 27-28 August, 2020 - The first online practical training was held on understanding and mastering the fundamental principles and notions of the International Classification of Functioning, Health, and Disability (ICF) and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). The training was designed for 25 Medical-Labour Expertise Commission (MLEC) members by Pillar 3 implemented by UNDP in the frame of the UN Joint Programme on Social Protection.

Disability is no longer perceived as purely a medical phenomenon. ICF and CRPD define disability as a temporary stage of life which should be assessed considering not only physical aspects but also including environmental factors of disability assessment. Thus, ICF and CRPD norms encourage countries to move away from purely medical approach and be in line with social model in assessing disability.

A social model of disability assessment is important in monitoring the level of functioning in a population, and assessing the equalization of opportunities for PWDs with respect to the design of disability-inclusive education, employment and antidiscrimination policies.


Application of ICF and CRPD’s norms enable Uzbek specialists from MLEC to master smooth transformation from medical to social approach in assessing, defining and measuring disability. Uzbekistan have conveyed a political gesture of reforming disability policies of Uzbekistan which was mainly charity based towards more just, inclusive, human rights-based, and non-discriminatory treatment of persons with disabilities in line with the international disability discourse and norms. That is why it is important to update knowledge and skills of MLEC specialists for better understanding principles of the ICF and CRPD.

Thus, by the end of the training, the MLEC members have better understanding and skilled in mastering the principles of the ICF and CRPD, including use of a broader definition of disability that incorporates an assessment of the social and physical environment.

Furthermore, training participants will have a chance to demonstrate their skills and knowledge obtained from the first training during the second round of trainings in September  of 2020 that will be followed by practical piloting activities of ICF and CRPD norms in disability assessment procedures to be conducted together with MLEC commissions.


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