UNDP assists the Government of Uzbekistan in providing the rural population with improved, affordable and environmentally friendly living conditions. Today, the rural housing sector of Uzbekistan is rapidly developing, which raises the question of transforming it to a more sustainable development pathway that ensures the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This can be achieved through the introduction of energy-efficient and low-carbon technology among the rural population.

Within the UNDP/GEF and Ministry of Construction joint project "Market Transformation for Sustainable Rural Housing in Uzbekistan" business training on Marketing was organized in Ferghana region (7 July), Samarkand region (12 July), Bukhara region (18 July), Surkhandarya region (22 July), Khorezm region (29 July) and in the Republic of Karakalpakstan (31 July) for representatives of domestic manufacturers/suppliers of energy efficient (EE) and low carbon (LC) technologies, materials and companies engaged in constructing EE/LC houses in rural areas. Over 100 participants in 6 regions were able to increase the capacities in marketing courses such as marketing mix, effective marketing channels, competitive positions strategy and marketing analytics. In addition to the marketing knowledge, representatives of domestic suppliers of EE/LC technologies and construction companies had an opportunity to communicate, interact, exchange of ideas with each other, receive answers to questions related to EE/LC solutions. It is the first year for construction companies to construct EE rural houses in Uzbekistan (over 15,000 units in 2019) and therefore lots of questions on EE/LC solutions raised during the course. The trainings were held based on various case studies in EE/LC technology production and construction of houses, which allowed participants to better consolidate their knowledge. LLC “Win Chemical” Mr. Gulomjon Soliev, Manager of the local company producing EE construction materials says: “My company located in Ferghana city and produces 13 types of EE materials. Today’s training provided me a great opportunity to improve knowledge on product marketing and I intend to expand marketing our products beyond Ferghana region, to other regions of Uzbekistan. It is good to know that there is a UNDP/GEF project on promotion of EE/LC house construction and solutions, it is very timely and necessary to deliver right message about benefits of EE/LC solutions to many people as possible. I also was happy to meet and have discussions with representatives of construction companies who raised high interest in my EE products during the training”.

Mr. Bakhodur Tursunov, Manager of LLC “Keramik Bricks” in Samarkand region noted: “Our company has been operating for about a year and we are producing 3 types of energy efficient construction materials (bricks), which is mostly used in Samarkand region. Today’s training conducted by the UNDP Project was very important as I obtained remarkable knowledge on key aspects of marketing. It is necessary for our company to marketize our products to all regions of Uzbekistan, exporting and enriching knowledge on marketing is critical to achieve that. I hope similar and more frequent training opportunities will available for local companies”.

After the trainings, surveys were conducted to identify needs for future in-depth trainings and certificates were handed over to participants.

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