UNDP assists the Government of Uzbekistan in providing the rural population with improved, affordable and environmentally friendly living conditions.

Today, the rural housing sector of Uzbekistan is rapidly developing, which raises the question of transforming it to a more sustainable development pathway that ensures the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This can be achieved through the introduction of energy-efficient and low-carbon technology among the rural population.

On 28 June 2019, UNDP/GEF and Ministry of Construction project "Market Transformation for Sustainable Rural Housing in Uzbekistan" project organized workshop on "Building codes for energy efficiency in buildings", within which international best practices on assessment of the energy performance of buildings have been shared.

During the event, more than 25 local specialists (developers of building codes, architects, designers, engineers) including 10 women, represented design institutes (Qishloq Qurilish Loyiha, ToshuyjoyLITI, O’zshaharzo’zlik LITI, Tashgiprogor etc.) and architecture bureaus were trained on and raised their awareness about the modern approaches to the assessment of the energy performance of buildings, the heat protection properties of structures and the impact of various factors on the energy consumption of buildings.

Moreover, workshop participants learned on how to assess energy consumption and energy efficiency of buildings. Participants have acquired skills in working with programs for calculating temperature fields of enclosing structures' nodes.

The knowledge gained during the training will be used by specialists to design energy-efficient and low-carbon housing throughout Uzbekistan, which will improve the living conditions of the population of the country and help to put the housing sector on a sustainable development path.

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