UNDP jointly with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the State Customs Committee, held a workshop with participation of representatives of government agencies, business companies. The workshop became a platform for discussing introduction of authorized economic operator (AEO) in Uzbekistan.

Authorized economic operator is a legal entity that meets certain criteria and uses special simplifications in accordance with the customs legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Introduction of AEO status is an opportunity to simplify customs procedures and ensure secure international trade.

The AEO Institute operates in more than 60 countries of the world, including countries of the European Union, China, USA, and Turkey. Taking into account the experience of these countries, Uzbekistan has developed a draft government decision ‘On measures to introduce the institution of authorized economic operator’.

The purpose of the workshop was to explain to the business entities the content of the AEO institute, the opportunities and benefits provided for AEO, as well as the exchange of views and proposals with the business entities on the introduction of the AEO institute in the country.

During the workshop, participants based on their experience and professional competence provided their suggestions on effective implementation of AEO in Uzbekistan. It is noteworthy that the workshop participants, including representatives of the National Agency for Project Management, the General Prosecutor’s Office, the private sector, the Association of Customs Brokers, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and UNDP experts, reviewed the new project from different angles and made constructive recommendations for effective operation of the AEO institution.

As follow-up, the experts of the UNDP project ‘Business Climate Improvement in the regions of Uzbekistan” will prepare recommendations aimed at improving the draft decision and submit it to the State Customs Committee for consideration.

The draft government decision is also open for public discussion on the RIA portal: https://regulation2018.gov.uz/document/1433

The organization of this workshop is part of UNDP project focusing on improvement of business climate in the country and Uzbekistan’s position in international rankings.



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