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On September 2, 2019, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan signed the Law on the Protection of Women from Harassment and Violence. This law establishes legal measures against all forms of discrimination and violence against women in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan has long been studying international experience in this direction. Currently, in order to reduce the level of violence and work with victims, 197 Centers for the Rehabilitation and Adaptation of Victims of Violence and the Prevention of Suicide is conducting activities under the Women's Committee. Last year, 22,383 women turned to the centers, 7,423 of them were given psychological assistance to get out of a difficult life situation. In 2019, the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan received 3,311 legal appeals, of which more than 800 were related to harassment and violence, and more than 50 of 815 calls to the Helpline 1146 were also related to discrimination and violence.

Our joint contribution with Women's Committee of Uzbekistan carries out practical work with regard to women who have committed crimes that pose less threat to society and regret their deeds. Psychological work is being done with them so that they return to their families and choose the right path in society.

Analysis and in-depth study of the problem of violence against women prove that women are most often subjected to domestic violence. There are cases when women are abused by a spouse or other members of the community, and sometimes it comes to suicide. As a result of difficult life situations or minor quarrels, men fall into stress and this negatively affects women.

Our joint objectives with Women's Committee are:

- Conducting awareness-raising activities aimed at preventing domestic violence and raising public awareness of the negative consequences of domestic violence. Preparation, publication, and distribution of booklets, posters and other literature on violence and gender discrimination.

- Development and implementation of a comprehensive program of legal and socio-economic support for women and children victims of violence.

- Conducting targeted informational work among the population on the prevention of domestic violence at the level of educational institutions, labor collectives, and self-government bodies.

- Further development of a specialized network of social services (hotlines, psychological counseling, etc.) for women who have been abused and in difficult life situations.

- Training of law enforcement officers and representatives of the mahalla institute in methods of preventing domestic violence.

- Organization of a statistical analysis of cases of domestic violence in each region, district (city).


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