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We have completed trainings on the preparation of business plan and marketing for representatives of business initiative groups, Chamber of Commerce and Industry,  Youth Union and the Association of Business Women in the cities of the Ferghana Valley as a part of our joint project called “Improving the resilience and adaptation of farmers in the Ferghana Valley to the risks of climate change.”

It is no secret that a well-designed business plan is a key to a successful business in the future. Participants of our trainings perfectly understood this. Despite the fact that the audience had different notions about the topic, all participants found interesting aspects to explore. For example, there were young people, who were just starting to learn the basics of business, and entrepreneurs who had been operating for several years, as well as exporters who knew firsthand how to take loans. Working in small groups, they not only learnt more about the topic, but also networked.

Groups considered with interest various projects from establishing a workshop for processing tomatoes, foundation of vegetable stores to a workshop on the production of biohumus, drying fruits and exporting cherries.

Though learning best practise, case studies and video materials, the participants studied such modules as: structure and technological components of a business plan, marketing research for developing a business plan or feasibility study, financial plan and sources of financing, risks and risk management in business, etc.

“I am planning to found a plant for the production of biohumus,” says one of the participants In Andijan. “In Russia such a plant makes huge profit, it is in demand. There is absolutely no problem with raw materials for production, and the production technology is not complicated. I thought I would just bring equipment and install it and start producing. However, after this seminar, I realized that it is not enough to know what and how to produce; it turns out that I also need to plan and evaluate everything carefully. In addition to all the calculations, I have to think of my future customers and whether they will buy my products or no, as wll as how I prove that my products are better, how quickly the investment will pay off and others.”

In conclusion, participants in small groups, developed their business plans and the best one were awarded with memorable gifts.


UNDP activities in the field of modernization and intensive development of agriculture are carried out in accordance with the Development Strategy of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021, as well as in the framework of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN member countries.



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