‘Demo Day’: Meet the finalists of the ‘Startup Initiatives-2017’ programme

Dec 12, 2017

A special event ‘Demo Day’ has finalized the second cycle of the three-month programme supporting youth startup initiatives.

This year, 419 teams submitted applications with their startup ideas, 40 teams were selected to participate in the ‘Startup Initiatives-2017’ programme and 19 teams shortlisted for the final stage of the second cycle. Only 12 finalists had the opportunity to pitch their startup projects to potential investors and interested organizations at ‘Demo Day’.

A special panel assessed teams’ presentations and identified several projects meeting following criteria such as reasonableness and relevance, feasibility, technological novelty and team competence.  

The first place – ‘Unibot 3D Printer’

‘UniBot 3D Printer’ produces 3D printers, supply materials for 3D printers, and provides 3D printing and servicing of 3D printers. Unlike conventional printer, a 3D printer produces three-dimensional product. Wide use of 3D printing helps to create and test samples of new products and their parts, to save money and time, and increase productivity.

The second place was shared by two teams – ‘Milliyrasmlar.uz’ and ‘Talker’.

‘Milliyrasmlar.uz’ is a unique portal of national photos taken by professional photographers and amateurs. The portal promotes national values ​​of the Uzbek people and provides additional opportunities for photographers to raise their income.

‘Talker’ is a service helping people with hearing and speech impairments interact with others and have equal access to services and information.

The third place – ‘BestTest.uz’ project

‘BestTest.uz’ is a website where applicants can undergo an online exam imitating a state entrance examination, in the chosen subject within 3 hours and 20 minutes. At the end of testing, the entrant can assess overall preparedness for each subject and see the number of potential competitors as well as the level  of their readiness.

All the finalists’ projects have been featured in the special brochure.

The startup projects presented at Demo Day were developed as a result of intensive work of the Startup Initiative Programme’s participants. Within the programme, leaders and team members under the guidance of trackers tested their hypotheses, created minimum viable products, tested them, studied the target audience, received feedback, tested the first sale, analyzed project shortcomings and improved them.

During the Programme, teams participated in a five-day seminar to learn the Lean Startup methodology, basics of startup development and ways to turn an idea into a successful business. In addition, nine qualified experts led a series of master classes on legal issues of business registration, taxation and intellectual property protection, benefits of the Techno Park, Innovation Center and High Technology Center.

Successful businessmen of Uzbekistan including Startup Factory founders, founders of MyTaxi, Paynet, LeBazar, Korzinka.uz, the founder of the first Uzbek startup sold to Amazon, experts of the payment system shared their experience as lecturers, mentors and trackers.

The ‘Startup Initiative’ programme is implemented by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and UNDP ‘Business Forum of Uzbekistan (Phase III)’ joint project, with the support of the Agency for Science and Technologies, Youth Union, British Embassy and Sasol.

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