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I had a good life, I went to college and had friends. My life was going somewhere. My friends taught me how to talk to men. Later my parents found out and they prohibited me from continuing my education. I told them nothing had happened, but they did not believe me. From that day they kept me locked in my house. They abused me every day calling me the worst things possible and beating me. Often for no reason at all. I felt like I was already dead.

A man from the village found my number and started texting me, asking if we could meet. We met twice in a month and both times he was drunk, he told me his wife had died. One evening he rang me asking me to come out to meet him, I said no. He persisted so I told my parents I was going out to get bread.

He drove me to an alley and told me he would let me go if I lose my virginity to him. I told him no, he then asked why I am pretending to be a virgin and forced me to drink a beer. I tried to stop him, but he held me down and pored the beer into my mouth. He started beating me all over my body relentlessly and after a while I lost consciousness. When I woke up everything was different. Everything hurt. The man told me nothing had happened. I called my brother that came to pick me up. He had been out looking for me all night.

When we came home my brother and father started beating me relentlessly. They tried to kill me with electricity, but it didn’t work. For five months they beat me continually. Then I started bleeding from the vagina and my mother said I was pregnant. I didn’t understand how I could be since I still believed I was a virgin. They said that they were going to kill me but first they wanted to kill my baby.

I decided I wanted to die on my own. I got a rope and a chair. I put the rope around my neck, at that moment I heard my mother screaming asking me to forgive her. I slipped and the chair beneath me fell. When I woke up, I saw my father’s face, he was beating my broken body. I went unconscious again.

A doctor came to the house. My parents forced me to swallow four tablets, but the baby was too big, so they forced me to take four more. The doctor pulled out my dead baby from my mourning body. After that I escaped. I hid for 11 days. Knowing that if they found me, they would kill me.

One day I decided to go to the police. I told them everything. They took me to a shelter where I got a bed and clothing. I got professional help from a psychologist and a lawyer. I felt like a human being again. I knew from that day I was never going back to my family.


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