Infographic - Agile Methodology. Flexible approaches to developing e-services


Agile methods have shown its effectiveness in various spheres - from automotive to software development. They, in particular, have been successfully applied to the digital transformation of public services in the UK.

UK experience has shown, the use of Agile approaches allows not only to significantly reduce the cost and time for developing e-services, but also to ensure maximum consideration of the needs and interests of their end-users. The innovative approaches of UK were recognized by the UN experts and in 2016 the country ranked first in the UN E-Government Survey.

This infographics developed at the conclusion of a training course featuring Government Digital Service (GDS) experts, was organized by UNDP project "E-Government Promotion for Improved Public Service Delivery" in March this year. It describes the main principles of Agile, the basic phases of creating e-services, using a flexible approach, as well as key indicators to assess the effectiveness of e-services.

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