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Uzbekistan’s path in overcoming corruption

Uzbekistan’s achievements in corruption prevention over the past years, attained through the collaboration between UNDP, national partners and international experts, have been successful.  

Negotiators needed – mediating legal conflicts out of court

Building the popularity of mediators as a means of resolving conflict has been a gradual process.  

Manual on crimes against life and health

This manual presents an overview of the concept of crimes against life and health, according to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, along with a presentation of topics regarding the…  

Collection of training materials on judicial activity psychology

The collection contains three training modules on judicial activity psychology, including forensic psychology, the development of communication skills, and stress management.  

Digital lawyers stepping up to the COVID-19 Challenge

The TSUL free legal clinic and pilot legal clinics will compiling lessons learnt, in order to inform their operations going forward.  

E-SUD rises to the COVID-19 challenge

In the midst of the pandemic and quarantine, Uzbekistan’s electronic court system has proven its worth.  

Global best practices on mediation collected in a single publication

World practice shows that mediation is an effective way for out-of-court settlement of disputes.  

Court satisfaction level of Uzbekistanis identified

Results from the survey carried out in eight inter-district civil courts of Tashkent City and the Tashkent Region  

Lessons learnt from Georgia’s judicial reforms

A delegation from Uzbekistan has toured Georgia’s courts and legal institutions to learn how the nation has advanced in international rule of law and democracy indexes, and applied reforms to create a…  

International Conference ‘E-justice in Uzbekistan: Current Status and Prospectives for Development up to 2025’

Bringing together foreign experts from US, Europe and Asia, this conference overviewed progress achieved to date in the growth of Uzbekistan’s E-justice systems, particularly the E-SUD national case…  

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