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Women's Entrepreneurship as a factor of Economic Welfare Growth and Social Development of the Country

The Business Women’s Association of Uzbekistan "Tadbirkor Ayol" (Association) has launched a large educational campaign aimed at providing new opportunities for women willing to realize their…  

Teaching the Japanese ‘Kaizen’ philosophy of successful business

Training in a world-renowned approach to running efficient and profitable businesses has been delivered to 30 entrepreneurs from the Bozatau, Karauzyak and Chimbay districts of Karakalpakstan.  

Parliamentarians trained to conduct gender-legal expertise of laws

150 Deputies have been trained to conduct gender-legal expertise of Uzbekistan’s Laws, a practice which will help achieve lasting gender equality in society, economy and government.  

Judges commit to creating gender parity in Uzbekistan’s judiciary

On September 18 a workshop on ‘The role of the judiciary in ensuring gender equality’ was held at Tashkent.  

UNDP empowers women scientists in Uzbekistan

We conducted trainings to improve the quality of research activities and the skills of publishing scientific articles in international journals for women scientists in Uzbekistan.  

UNDP launches a new cycle of Technovation Girls Online Training in Fergana Valley

On International Youth Day, August 12, UNDP announces recruitment for free online trainings for girls and their mentors in Andijan, Namangan and Fergana.  

How to create lasting change and impact: Empowering SMEs and women boosts economies

What started as a business idea back in 2016 is now one of the leading small and medium enterprise producers and exporters of dry and dried produce in Uzbekistan.  

Technovation Girls 2020 - This season’s results

29 mobile applications offering innovative ways of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals have been created by teams across Uzbekistan.  

Japan allocates US$ 1.9 million to support Uzbekistan’s COVID-19 response

New funding from the Government of Japan will expand UNDP’s work to address the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 pandemic’s in Uzbekistan.  

Gender Equality in Uzbekistan in the focus of discussion with MPs

We conducted online seminar on gender expertise requirements to ensure equal opportunities for women and girls in Uzbekistan.  

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