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#GreenAralSea Blog 3: Leveraging our crowdfunding campaign to raise global awareness of the challenges facing the Aral Sea Region.

Blog describes the process and the challenges, and challenges overcome, in their efforts to make a difference in one of the harshest places on Earth.  

Creating partnerships for the Green Aral Sea Initiative

With this blog we attempted to document and share our experiences and lessons learned while creating partnerships.  

#GreenAralSea – Exploring the possibilities of crowdfunding

Part One of our series on the preliminary results and insights of the #GreenAralSea crowdfunding campaign  

Our Lab’s private sector bet: facilitating support to and from the private sector during COVID-19 pandemic

At the UNDP Uzbekistan Accelerator Lab, we hope to build upon the success of this trend to foster new private sector partnerships, both for addressing short-term challenges of COVID-19, and…  

PPE waste challenges during the COVID-19 – new environmental disaster for the global community?

The wrong disposal of the PPE could become a growing problem for the environment and public health during the lockdown.  

One weekend and 600 ways to fight COVID19!

Uzbekistan’s youth have come out of the woodwork to help our country thrive during the quarantine. This is the start of something great.  

Stronger off the Storm: Lessons for the Post-COVID Period by an Accelerator Lab

We want to have a 360-degree look at this ongoing experience as a big lesson by itself with many important take-aways for the post-pandemic future of our Lab.  

Wind of changes

In our field visit to Muynak, Karakalpakstan, the town welcomed us with a warm October weather: “You have arrived just in time!"  

Let’s seize rising tides of hope for the people of the Aral sea

Coming from a generation who witnessed the tragedy evolving as we grew up, each of us in Uzbekistan Accelerator Lab carry our own stories as nemesis of our professional conscience.  

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