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Access to drinking water: Bakhytgul’s story

We feel endless happiness, as water available now in our homes.  

Water supply, creation of fruit orchards and high-quality forage production in the village of Vardon, Kashkadarya

Today, the hero of our story will be Mr. Gulomov Bolta, the aksakal of the village of Vardon.  

Using water wisely through drip irrigation

The workshop’s participants had joined the event with an understanding that now is the time to switch to alternative types of irrigation, but also with objections or doubts about using drip…  

Irrigation research centre opened for World Water Day

The new research-training centre contains classrooms, a lysimetric complex, a pumping station and examples of various irrigation technologies.  

International forum on Strategic and priority directions for Uzbekistan’s transition to a Green Economy took place in Tashkent

5 March 2021, TASHKENT – The online international forum ‘Building Forward Better: A COVID-19 Green Recovery for Uzbekistan’ took place in Tashkent on 3-4 March, 2021.  

Could COVID-19 kickstart a “green” recovery in Uzbekistan?

Launching a new green economy will require everyone’s input, and that includes you! There’s more information below on how you can get involved.  

UNDP and Canada working to provide clean water to communities in Northwestern Uzbekistan

Setting up the critical infrastructure needed to deliver clean and potable water to every home and school in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, an autonomous region within Uzbekistan.  

Online international forum to discuss where Uzbekistan stands in its recovery journey

3-4 March 2021: An international online forum to discuss where Uzbekistan is in recovery.  

The results of two expeditions to the dry seabed of the Aral Sea have been announced

The expeditions were organized with the support from the United Nations Development Programme in Autumn 2019 and Spring 2020.  

UNDP delivers water desalination and purification equipment to the Bozatau district

The reverse osmosis equipment provided for purifying drinking and irrigation water has been funded by the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives.  

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