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World’s biggest public opinion poll on climate change is launched now

As climate crisis heats up, UNDP launches “Mission 1.5” campaign to engage citizens globally in decision-making  

Over 21,000 residents of Karakalpakstan gained access to improved social infrastructure

In total, we re-constructed 33 infrastructure projects since 2017 to improve the living standards of more than 21,190 rural residents (49.5% of women) in 33 settlements of Takhtakupir, Muynak and…  

11 lessons on the development of optimized agriculture

Despite significant changes in the economy aimed at ensuring the leadership of industry and services in the country's GDP, the contribution of agriculture to GDP, although reduced, remains high. In…  

Welcome remarks by M. Abdoulaye Mar Dieye at Aral Sea conference

It is promising to see the renewed emphasis placed by the Government of Uzbekistan on the Aral Sea region. And this features prominently in the country’s development strategy by 2035.  

First official visit to Karakalpakstan

From 26 to 28 September 2019, Ms. Matilda Dimovska, UNDP Resident Representative in Uzbekistan, visited the Republic of Karakalpakstan to familiarize with the current state of the region  

Let’s seize rising tides of hope for the people of the Aral sea

Coming from a generation who witnessed the tragedy evolving as we grew up, each of us in Uzbekistan Accelerator Lab carry our own stories as nemesis of our professional conscience.  

UN Multi-Partner Human Security Trust Fund for the Aral Sea Region in Uzbekistan

UN Multi-Partner Human Security Trust Fund for the Aral Sea region in Uzbekistan (MPHSTF), under the aegis of the UN, will serve as a unique unified platform for international development cooperation…  

Community Empowerment towards Sustainable Rural Development in the Aral Sea Region

As a result of the Aral Sea environmental disaster, Karakalpakstan faces devastating human insecurities. To reduce the destructive impact of the Aral Sea crisis, the Government of Uzbekistan, the UN…  

UNDP Resident Representative in Uzbekistan visits Khorezm region

Since 1993, UNDP has been supporting the development priorities of Uzbekistan, and has made a particular emphasis on development issues of the regions. From April 5 – 6, UNDP Resident Representative…  

No one carries water in this Uzbek Village...anymore

Every morning for almost 20 years, Fazilat Usvalieva, a 56-year-old housekeeper from the village of Gulistan in Uzbekistan’s Fergana region, would take a jerrycan and walk five kilometres to the…  

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