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Rehabilitation center staff studied Swedish experience

On November 18, in order to study leading international experience in working with victims of violence and provide them with timely assistance, an online training seminar was organized on the topic…  

Reviving the ancient art of felting as a new source of income

Felting is an ancient art that is now experiencing an exciting "rebirth".  

Teaching the Japanese ‘Kaizen’ philosophy of successful business

Training in a world-renowned approach to running efficient and profitable businesses has been delivered to 30 entrepreneurs from the Bozatau, Karauzyak and Chimbay districts of Karakalpakstan.  

Socioeconomic impacts of COVID-19 in Uzbekistan: perspectives of mahalla representatives

Report conducted a survey of local communities in Uzbekistan to assess the social and economic impact of the government’s COVID-19 response on the countrywide population.  

Online training on legal protection of victims of gender-based violence

On October 30, an online training was organized on the topic “The Role of Bar Institutions and NGOs in ensuring gender equality and protecting the rights of victims of gender violence”.  

Online training on prevention of violence against women for employees of the education system

On October 28, in order to improve the potential of staff in education system of the country in the fight against discrimination against women, an online training seminar was organized on the topic…  

Helping mahalla staff prevent violence against women

HOMEPAGE NOTE - 200 mahalla staff have been trained to provide faster and more effective assistance to victims of gender-based violence.  

Green solutions for effective agricultural management

Nafisa serves as a role model for many rural women across her cooperative by welcoming innovative technologies in the field of green solutions,  

UNDP organized an online training on prevention of violence against women

The lockdown implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic have also led to an increase in violence and discrimination against women in many countries.  

300 women and youth to receive equipment for launching businesses

Through the programme, socially-vulnerable women and young people will be provided with free equipment and technology needed to start businesses, creating opportunities for them to establish…  

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