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UNDP delivers water desalination and purification equipment to the Bozatau district

The reverse osmosis equipment provided for purifying drinking and irrigation water has been funded by the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives.  

Coca-Cola Foundation funds 165 oxygen concentrators to treat COVID-19 patients in Karakalpakstan

On 18 November 2020, UNDP and handed over 165 units of oxygen concentrators funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan  

New era for UN Volunteers of Karakalpakstan: fighting the invisible enemy

The community of health volunteers has proven an important way to increase awareness for livelihoods in rural districts.  

UNDP Uzbekistan handed over Coca-Cola Foundation funded ventilators to treat COVID-19 patients

Four ventilators procured with $200.000 of funding from the Coca-Cola Foundation are being delivered to the Karakalpakstan region.  

Our Lab’s private sector bet: facilitating support to and from the private sector during COVID-19 pandemic

At the UNDP Uzbekistan Accelerator Lab, we hope to build upon the success of this trend to foster new private sector partnerships, both for addressing short-term challenges of COVID-19, and…  

UNDP-UNFPA Joint Programme responds to COVID-19 Pandemic in Karakalpakstan

"Stay home to save lives." The message is clear: we all can contribute to the fight against coronavirus by staying at home. But some are saving lives by putting their lives in danger to help the…  

Stopping COVID-19 in Karakalpakstan with soap and mask production

The Joint Programme has allocated special funding to support the regional COVID-19 response, and to ensure rural communities at pilot districts in Karakalpakstan stay healthy and safe.  

Better life for young people with disabilities

Through engaging in programme activities, we are specifically focusing on social protection of persons with disabilities.  

Uzbekistan Uranium legacy remediation discussions

The event was aimed at discussing current status and prospects of reducing negative impact of the uranium waste on people, livelihoods, and environment.  

Water for Food Security

Food security is a top priority for Uzbekistan, while agriculture also plays a critical role in the country’s economic development.  

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