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Preparing the garden ahead of spring

Сlimate has changed dramatically: winters are becoming warmer, and springs without frequent precipitants are accompanied with frosts.  

Capacity building on trade in services for the delegation of Uzbekistan on accession to WTO

In collaboration with the Secretariat of World Trade Organization, we have organized a three-day training workshop and consultations for the members of the Negotiating Group on Uzbekistan's accession…  

Press Conference dedicated to the discussion on eliminating gender-based violence

On September 2, 2019, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan signed the Law on the Protection of Women from Harassment and Violence.  

Modern equipment hand over ceremony

At the Ministry of Water resources of Uzbekistan and in the framework of our joint project with EU, 28 sets of Level - Leica Sprinter-250 M were officially handed over.  

Wind of changes

In our field visit to Muynak, Karakalpakstan, the town welcomed us with a warm October weather: “You have arrived just in time!"  

11 lessons on the development of optimized agriculture

Despite significant changes in the economy aimed at ensuring the leadership of industry and services in the country's GDP, the contribution of agriculture to GDP, although reduced, remains high. In…  

We launched a new Joint Programme for the Aral Sea region

Aral Sea disaster and related environmental catastrophe affects not only Uzbekistan but also the larger Central Asian region. It goes without saying that concerted efforts of all partners  

Call for solutions

Are you an innovator? Do you care about environment and making positive changes? Do you believe you have an innovative solution to address environmental and livelihoods challenges the Aral Sea…  

Climate change in the heart of all decisions

New approaches towards energy efficient housing construction in view of climate change was discussed with local authorities in Urgench.  

Information resources centre launched at the Supreme School of Judges

“Our project’s assistance has meant that the Supreme School of Judges can now provide more holistic and interactive engagement with prospective and current judges both in Tashkent and across…  

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