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Strengthening Cooperation between Women Entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan

"Dialogue of women entrepreneurs of Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan" with participation of more than 80 businesswomen of the two countries.  

The role of civil society institutions in elections discussed in Tashkent

The round table was organized by the National Center for Human Rights of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Center for Sustainable Development and the Tashkent State University of Law under the support…  

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer 2021

The ozone layer, as a protective umbrella for the planet, acts as a shield for life on Earth and keeps the ultraviolet radiation of the sun.  

Gender composition of the judicial community in Uzbekistan 2019-2020

The reports provide not only data on the ratio of men and women, but also on the length of service and age of the judiciary.  

UNDP promotes a digital approach to entrepreneurship development in Karakalpakstan

Over the last four months 12 workshops in Bozatau, Karauzyak and Chimbay districts welcomed a total of 166 participants, where 89 of them were female.  

Cultivating digital approaches to land management

UNDP’s global Cultiv@ate initiative has visited Uzbekistan, exploring potential digital solutions for land degradation  

Statement of Matilda Dimovska, at Scientific conference "Ministry of Justice: Achievements, Results and Prospects"

The Ministry is playing a catalytic role in accelerating the legal and public administration reforms in Uzbekistan.  

Collection of works by the winners of national annual ‘Best research of judicial practice’ contest

This collection consist of researches by the winners of national annual ‘Best research of judicial practice’ contest.  

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