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Parliamentarians trained to conduct gender-legal expertise of laws

150 Deputies have been trained to conduct gender-legal expertise of Uzbekistan’s Laws, a practice which will help achieve lasting gender equality in society, economy and government.  

Discussion of Uzbekistan’s digital potential in view of the pandemic outbreak

‘Unlocking the Potential of Digitalization in Uzbekistan Amidst a Global Health and Socio-Economic Crisis’ international round-table was hosted by UNDP, in partnership with the World Bank, the Digital…  

Judges commit to creating gender parity in Uzbekistan’s judiciary

On September 18 a workshop on ‘The role of the judiciary in ensuring gender equality’ was held at Tashkent.  

Digitalization driving the Civil registry in Uzbekistan forward

The Civil Registry Office (CRO) is a key link in the chain of public service delivery in Uzbekistan. Among numerous functions, it issues certificates of birth, marriage and death, basic documents that…  

Citizen's budget 2020 is available now

6 information publications, including the approved State budget for 2020, as well as for the implementation of the State budget in 2019, have been prepared and posted on the portal "Open budget”.  

Negotiators needed – mediating legal conflicts out of court

Building the popularity of mediators as a means of resolving conflict has been a gradual process.  

Lessons for Uzbekistan public services access from the coronavirus pandemic

During the COVID-19 lockdown, online public services in Uzbekistan became more essential than ever – providing a lifeline to people whose incomes and livelihoods had been put under strain.  

Employees of the Public Services Agency learn stress tolerance skills during quarantine

Based on the current situation caused by the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19 and taking into account the preferences of employees of the Public Services Agency and other organizations providing…  

The UN Joint Programme on Social Protection

The UN Joint Programme on Social Protection aimed to support the Government in building and delivering a high-quality social protection system that offers all citizens of Uzbekistan.  

European Union and UNDP presented practical recommendations for assessing the effectiveness of local self-governance

Practical recommendations on the implementation of criteria and methods for assessing the effectiveness of local self-government in Uzbekistan using key performance indicators.  

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