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SDGs Integration in the Parliament

This is a project on deeper national integration of sustainable development goals in the Parliament of Uzbekistan to ensure reliable protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of…  

Rule of Law Partnership will continue its work into 2021

The coming year will see innovative strides towards better access to justice for women, greater gender parity among court staff and judges, and a new culture of court journalism.  

Online training on legal protection of victims of gender-based violence

On October 30, an online training was organized on the topic “The Role of Bar Institutions and NGOs in ensuring gender equality and protecting the rights of victims of gender violence”.  

Presentation of an analytical report on “Public councils at Local Government Bodies: National and International Experience”

According to the results of surveys conducted in March, 56% of respondents in the regional population believed that “representatives of the public are not sufficiently involved in the government”.…  

Presentation of the National Recommendation Tracking Database in the Field of Human Rights

The National Recommendation Tracking Database in the Field of Human Rights was presented in Uzbekistan.  

Research of foreign practices in the field of evidence in criminal cases

The research is devoted to the study of the best foreign experience in the field of work methods of judges with evidence in criminal proceedings.  

Results of the children's drawing competition “Public services for my family”

398 children from all regions of Uzbekistan have actively participated in the National children drawing competition “Public services for my family”.  

UNDP organized an online training on prevention of violence against women

The lockdown implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic have also led to an increase in violence and discrimination against women in many countries.  

Uzbekistan’s path in overcoming corruption

Uzbekistan’s achievements in corruption prevention over the past years, attained through the collaboration between UNDP, national partners and international experts, have been successful.  

Ensuring UN conventions are reflected in decisions of Uzbekistan’s courts

On September 22, 23 and 24, three sessions of the practical seminar ‘Usage of Provisions of UN Human Rights Conventions by National Courts in Court Decisions’ were attended by administrative, criminal…  

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