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SMART patrol system presented to Uzbekistan’s conservation professionals

On November 20, 2020, UNDP conducted an expert presentation of new technology it has been funding, which will be used to enhance natural resource protection in Uzbekistan.  

Systems innovation portfolio practice for the Aral Sea region

UNDP and the Ministry of Innovative Development co-hosted a training on Systems Innovation Portfolio Practice within the framework of the initiative to transform the Aral Sea region into a Zone of…  

Planting efficiently: New methods of organic farming

The practical training was attended by ten women who learnt to use hand seeders, rehabilitate soil with organic fertilizers, and make better use of drip irrigation for arid soils.  

The Greening of Aralkum - transferring equipment for planting saxaul on the dried seabed of the Aral Sea

Within the technical support, another batch of agricultural machinery, including tractors, tractor trolleys and mobile water tanks, were handed over  

Afforestation: A new approach to climate change in the Aral Sea

To improve the ecological and socio-economic situation in the region, afforestation- the introduction of trees to an environment where none previously existed- serves as a potentially vital barrier to…  

Fortifying farming communities in drought-prone parts of Uzbekistan

Jasurjon Ibragimov supports a climate adaptation project to fortify farming communities in drought-prone parts of Uzbekistan.  

Advantages of greenhouses and its adaptation to climate change.

How indoor garden cultivation provides food security - read our infographic.  

Better health, employment and land-use in Karakalpakstan, through livestock development

Not only have the advanced technologies introduced through the cooperatives helped enhance agricultural output, but they have also limited the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.  

UNDP and Canada are joining forces to strengthen health and livelihoods during COVID-19

The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives helps improve economic opportunities and access to clean water in Uzbekistan’s Sydarya and Karakalpakstan regions.  

Strengthening the partnership – addressing issues at the local level

Necessary measures for farmers and peasants to timely produce, harvest and deliver the crops to the consumer.  

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