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World’s biggest public opinion poll on climate change is launched now

As climate crisis heats up, UNDP launches “Mission 1.5” campaign to engage citizens globally in decision-making  

UNDP-UNESCO Joint Project “Addressing the urgent human insecurities in the Aral Sea region through promoting sustainable rural development”

The project will improve the wellbeing of communities affected by the negative consequences of the Aral Sea crisis in line with the government’s policy that highlights addressing the negative…  

Wind of changes

In our field visit to Muynak, Karakalpakstan, the town welcomed us with a warm October weather: “You have arrived just in time!"  

Ferghana local authorities' decisions will be based on climate change

Local authorities will begin to make decisions based on climate change.  

11 lessons on the development of optimized agriculture

Despite significant changes in the economy aimed at ensuring the leadership of industry and services in the country's GDP, the contribution of agriculture to GDP, although reduced, remains high. In…  

HDR 2019: With steady progress, Uzbekistan falls in high Human Development category

Republic of Uzbekistan ranks 108 out of 189 countries and territories as per the Human Development Index (HDI) which measures national progress in health, education and income and is annually…  

We launched a new Joint Programme for the Aral Sea region

Aral Sea disaster and related environmental catastrophe affects not only Uzbekistan but also the larger Central Asian region. It goes without saying that concerted efforts of all partners  

Call for solutions

Are you an innovator? Do you care about environment and making positive changes? Do you believe you have an innovative solution to address environmental and livelihoods challenges the Aral Sea…  

Canada Fund for Local Initiatives to assist in climate change adaptation in the Aral Sea region

The United Nations Development Programme in Uzbekistan, with the support of the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI), is launching a series of joint activities in the Chimbay district of…  

Welcome remarks by M. Abdoulaye Mar Dieye at Aral Sea conference

It is promising to see the renewed emphasis placed by the Government of Uzbekistan on the Aral Sea region. And this features prominently in the country’s development strategy by 2035.  

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