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From grazing to stall feeding in mountainous regions: a farm story from Akhangaran district

Cattle grazing in foothill areas is one of the main forms of negative impact on mountain forests and pastures.  

Water supply, creation of fruit orchards and high-quality forage production in the village of Vardon, Kashkadarya

Today, the hero of our story will be Mr. Gulomov Bolta, the aksakal of the village of Vardon.  

"Khurliman-Aru Takhta" - business of cleanness and health

Joint project supported the initiative of the Khurliman-Aru Takhta Family Enterprise for the production of laundry soap.  

Three communities of the Takhtakupir district receive access to drinking water

In December 2020, the commissioning ceremony of the water treatment plant and water supply network took place and initiative has provided clean drinking water to about 3,500 residents of remote…  

UNDP and Canada working to provide clean water to communities in Northwestern Uzbekistan

Setting up the critical infrastructure needed to deliver clean and potable water to every home and school in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, an autonomous region within Uzbekistan.  

Working to ensure greater justice for women

The Government of Uzbekistan is committed this goal and has made considerable legislative commitments to improve women and girls’ access to justice, such as through establishing new laws to protect…  

Building bridges between journalists and judges

A workshop outside the capital of Tashkent to improve national court journalism practices was held and judges, court staff and media professionals were involved.  

New era for UN Volunteers of Karakalpakstan: fighting the invisible enemy

The community of health volunteers has proven an important way to increase awareness for livelihoods in rural districts.  

Green solutions for effective agricultural management

Nafisa serves as a role model for many rural women across her cooperative by welcoming innovative technologies in the field of green solutions,  

Uzbekistan’s path in overcoming corruption

Uzbekistan’s achievements in corruption prevention over the past years, attained through the collaboration between UNDP, national partners and international experts, have been successful.  

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