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Statements in combating Climate Change have been made by youth of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

The ideas and voices of youth in the climate negotiation process are critical for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals  

UNDP supports start-up initiatives in Karakalpakstan

The purpose of the meeting is to study the interests and needs of young people who want to start their own business in the future.  

Discussing the complexities of court engagement with journalists and citizens

UNDP has co-organized a seminar for court staff and judges, on ways to ensure courts can openly communicate with journalists and the public, while also protecting rights to justice and a fair…  

UNDP discusses the role of journalists in combating Climate Change in Nukus

Journalists and experts exchanged views on improving the communications between UNDP and journalists, particularly with those who raise climate change issues permanently.  

Launching Uzbekistan’s Community of Women Judges

UNDP has co-hosted the first quarterly gathering of Uzbekistan’s women judges, meetings which will play a vital role in achieving greater gender parity in the national judicial system, and better…  

Uzbekistan advances 66 places in 2020 Statistical Capacity Index

The national SDG web portal, launched on 2 March 2019, offers these statistics in Uzbek, Russian and English language pages.  

UNDP provides an interactive learning toolkit "Climate Box" to the Ministry of Public Education

The adaption of an illustrated guide on climate change to the conditions of Uzbekistan began in 2018.  

Incorporating case studies into training for judge candidates

UNDP and partners have educated teachers at the Supreme School of Judges on how to use case studies to improve learning outcomes for future judges.  

34 teams to present their projects at the "Demo Day" of the JustStart acceleration programme

The acceleration programme aims at providing theoretical and practical support to young people from the Fergana valley aged 16 to 30 in starting their own businesses and developing entrepreneurial…  

Awards ceremony for the mass media competition ‘Justice – in the Rule of Law’

Five winners of a mass media competition for reporting on the subject of justice and the rule of law, have been announced at an awards ceremony.  

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