Nudging Tashkent households to sort their waste

First a mahalla, then a city: How we’re motivating everyday people to play a part in waste management.  

Could COVID-19 kickstart a “green” recovery in Uzbekistan?

Launching a new green economy will require everyone’s input, and that includes you! There’s more information below on how you can get involved.  

#GreenAralSea Blog 3: Leveraging our crowdfunding campaign to raise global awareness of the challenges facing the Aral Sea Region.

Blog describes the process and the challenges, and challenges overcome, in their efforts to make a difference in one of the harshest places on Earth.  

Creating partnerships for the Green Aral Sea Initiative

With this blog we attempted to document and share our experiences and lessons learned while creating partnerships.  

#GreenAralSea – Exploring the possibilities of crowdfunding

Part One of our series on the preliminary results and insights of the #GreenAralSea crowdfunding campaign  

Revamping of rural governance structures key to quality public service delivery

The administrative reforms introduced by President Mirziyoyev in 2017 were meant improve the quality and reach of essential public services to all people of Uzbekistan, no matter how remote. An…  

In Uzbekistan, a new approach to promoting public service delivery for families

An innovative new approach to stakeholder engagement in Uzbekistan yielded nearly 400 entries in a competition to promote access to public services for families. Children from across Uzbekistan rose…  

New Vistas of Opportunity and Optimization

Especially during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, online learning with its anywhere-anytime feature, has become the main recourse for remote learning and work. It has served as a panacea for the new…  

Digitalization driving the Civil registry in Uzbekistan forward

The Civil Registry Office (CRO) is a key link in the chain of public service delivery in Uzbekistan. Among numerous functions, it issues certificates of birth, marriage and death, basic documents that…  

Our Lab’s private sector bet: facilitating support to and from the private sector during COVID-19 pandemic

At the UNDP Uzbekistan Accelerator Lab, we hope to build upon the success of this trend to foster new private sector partnerships, both for addressing short-term challenges of COVID-19, and…  

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