Women’s rights in a changing society

A few years ago, conversations around gender-based violence in Uzbekistan were unwritten taboo. However, today we’re starting to see a shift in these entrenched attitudes, linked to renewed efforts…  

Wind of changes

In our field visit to Muynak, Karakalpakstan, the town welcomed us with a warm October weather: “You have arrived just in time!"  

I am never going back to my family...

A blog post from the victim of gender based violence.  

On a cold and rainy afternoon after college...

A blog from the victim of the gender based violence.  

Let’s seize rising tides of hope for the people of the Aral sea

Coming from a generation who witnessed the tragedy evolving as we grew up, each of us in Uzbekistan Accelerator Lab carry our own stories as nemesis of our professional conscience.  

When the mission is the health and wealth of others

“The health of every single family in our community is extremely important to me. I have always been paying close attention to the neighbors surrounding me, I do care about every single one of them…  

No one carries water in this Uzbek Village...anymore

Every morning for almost 20 years, Fazilat Usvalieva, a 56-year-old housekeeper from the village of Gulistan in Uzbekistan’s Fergana region, would take a jerrycan and walk five kilometres to the…  

How to accelerate transformations by enhancing the role of women in public administration?

The current stage of structural reforms is an enabling moment for the "women in public administration" focus, to become a new factor for Uzbekistan’s economic breakthrough. This stage requires…  

Improving Domestic Law Through Public Information

As part of the nation’s on-going legal reform process, targeted public engagement initiatives have helping citizens resolve succession issues in a more civil and mutually-beneficial way.  

How Technological Solutions Making the Uzbekistan Courts More User-Friendly

“To contest the alimony payments, I had to physically go to the courthouse several times – to submit my documents and speak with lawyers. The time spent going to the courts and the embarrassment made…  

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