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Does UNDP have an annual report, or a document describing activities and financial aspects?

The UNDP Annual Report and major policy documents may be found at this webpage: http://www.undp.org/execbrd/policyeng.htm. For reports and other policy documents on UNDP Uzbekistan please refer to the Publications Database of this site.


What is a Human Development Report?

The widely-cited UNDP Human Development Reports (HDRs) contain substantive data on most development indicators. The reports rank every country each year in areas such as per capita income, literacy, life expectancy and respect for women's rights. The goal is to put people back at the centre of the development process. Visit the HDR website for more information.

In addition, UNDP has helped more than 120 developing countries produce their own National Human Development Report 2003, which provide a basis for informed local debate about priorities and policies.

For Uzbek National Human Developments Report, please refer to the Publications Database of this site.


What is the policy regarding the reproduction of materials found on the website?

The established rules concerning copyrights and permissions to reprint include the following. For non-profit organisations, materials found on the website or any UNDP publications (or parts thereof) may be freely reproduced as long as due credit is given to the source. For commercial usage, please specify which publication (title, year, page/s) or part of the website will be reproduced (URL of webpage), and send your request to the office responsible for the publication.

For HDR-related requests, UNDP owns the copyright to all materials related to HDR. Oxford University Press (OUP) manages it for UNDP. For more information, please visit http://www.us.oup.com/us/information/permissions/?view=usa.


How do I learn more about the organisation?

Go to ‘Discover UNDP’ at http://www.undp.org/about/.

UNDP delivers most of its services through its more than 177 country offices, but it also engages in global and regional advocacy and analysis to increase knowledge, share best practice, build partnerships, mobilise resources, and promote enabling frameworks including international targets for reducing poverty. In addition, UNDP supports Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries.


I am looking for a former/present staff member. Could you give me his/her phone number or email address?

We are not authorised to provide email addresses of former or present staff members. You may direct your query to any of the units or departments in UNDP at the HR Unit.


Where is UNDP located?

UNDP has its headquarters in New York City, but cooperates with governments and peoples largely in developing countries throughout the world. It works through its offices in more than 170 countries. Most of these offices have websites – please visit http://www.undp.org/content/undp/en/home.html

Please refer to the Job Opportunities section of this site. If there are vacancies in your field of expertise, follow instructions therein on how and where to apply.

For international vacancies, please visit this website: http://jobs.undp.org


How can I check on the status of a job application?

You may call our HR Unit at +998 (71) 1203450, 1206167 and ask for the current status of your application mentioning the title and/or ID of a position you were applying for.


Does UNDP offer scholarships to students enrolled in graduate degrees?

Unfortunately, our mandate does not permit us to provide financial assistance to individuals, companies or private groups. We work in collaboration with governments on development programmes and projects.

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