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Administrative Services

UNDP in Uzbekistan’s administrative services unit provides logistic assistance to UNDP Projects and also to other UN agencies. These services include:

Logistics Support

  • Preparation of travel authorisations;
  • Tickets booking and purchase;
  • Logistics arrangements for visiting mission members;
  • Event organisation and catering services;
  • Visa arrangements for travel;
  • Hotel accommodation, and airport pick-up and drop-off;
  • Conducting annual DSA surveys.


  • Receiving incoming phone calls, and providing communication support to UNDP and its projects;
  • Registration of incoming and outgoing correspondence;
  • Providing UN Diplomatic Pouch delivery;
  • Tracking and arranging monthly payments on UNDP phone, internet and mobile services, and fuel and car washing services.

Vehicle Management

  • Providing daily assistance in vehicle transportation to CO staff, projects and missions upon request.

Building Maintenance

  • Maintaining the building and office premises;
  • Maintenance and repair control of the air-condition, ventilation system and utility system;
  • Maintenance of the lightning system at the UNDP compound, including control over the territory cleanliness.

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