Inson taraqqiyoti to'g'risida ma'ruza, 1999 yil

Nashr qilingan sana 2007 Okt 18
Cover to National Human Development Report 1999

Qisqacha ma’lumot

The selection and implementation of a comprehensive human development strategy is a complicated prospect for countries in transition. In contrast to many developing countries, these societies have had to address the problems of collapsing educational and healthcare systems at a time when public resources are limited. A change from a planned to a market economy may take place faster than the corresponding changes in the attitudes and values of individuals. This will in turn make maintaining the momentum of reforms more challenging, especially when short-term living conditions show little or even negative growth.

In the NHDR 1999, the process of human development over the past eight years is explored in more detail, taking into account the specific development requirements and experiences of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


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