Inson taraqqiyoti to'g'risida ma'ruza, 1998 yil

Nashr qilingan sana 2007 Yanv 1
Cover to National Human Development Report 1998

Qisqacha ma’lumot

The main purpose of the ‘Human Development Report 1998’ is to analyse the role of the state in economic, social and democratic reforms during Uzbekistan’s period of transition to a market economy. State policy in Uzbekistan has been strongly socially-oriented, and social policies are being implemented throughout the country today. These policies have focused on programmes to enhance gas and drinking water supplies, to develop rural infrastructure, to develop small and medium businesses, to provide aid to poor families and large families, and to conduct training programmes in education, health, law, and in other essential areas. Additional information regarding these initiatives will be provided within the report.


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