• Episode 26 of UNews Weekly looks into how UNDP has improved capacities within the field of public administration in Uzbekistan, and how cooperation between the national agency and international partners has ensured growth in the this field in the future.

  • Inclusive businesses are an influential and essential means for social development in Uzbekistan. Select inclusive businesses are being expanded through UNDP’s ‘Business Forum of Uzbekistan – Phase II’ project. See more about this initiative in UNews Weekly Episode 27.

  • UNews Weekly Episode 28 features the work of the UNDP/UNV ‘Social Innovation and Volunteerism’ (SIV) project, that works with volunteers to address problems faced within their communities.

  • UNews Weekly Episode 29 presents the work that the UNDP in Uzbekistan ‘Budget System Reform’ project has undertaken nationally, particularly in assisting the development of a draft budget code.

  • В эпизоде 20 еженедельника «UNews Weekly» публикуется интервью с заместителем Постоянного представителя ПРООН в Узбекистане Яко Силлиерсем относительно мандата, текущей деятельности и планов ПРООН на будущее в Узбекистане.