New Year Message from Stefan Priesner – UN RC for Uzbekistan

Dec 31, 2014

Dear friends,

At the last days of the year 2014 it always is a good practice to little bit review what happened during the year and I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you.

First of all very importantly I think we have a very good year of cooperation between the Government of Uzbekistan and the United Nations System.

We continued to work on the four areas that are our traditional cooperation areas that have been defined a few years ago, namely economic development, social wellbeing, environment and sustainability and good governance.

Also this year I think we achieved very good results while we helped the government through aid volume of about 25 mln USD.

Two new UN agencies joined this year in the family of the UN Agencies, namely the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the International Labor Organisation.

We are already 10 UN Agencies on the ground that can support development in the country.

Of course the framework of our cooperation remained the Millennium Development Goals. So we are very much in line with global objectives in our support to the Government.

In addition to our usual ongoing support we also had a very elaborate, very s dialogue last month with many agencies of the government to define the support areas for the next five years. Very soon we will have our new Cooperation Framework the UN Development Assistance framework for years 2016 to 2020.

I think we will very much follow the same line of the established collaboration but of course Uzbekistan has moved on and has now new opportunities to address with the help of the UN System.

On a slightly personal note I have to say that I was happy to enjoy the hospitality of your beautiful country.

I and my family are very much impressed by the culture, the beautiful environment, but especially by the friendliness of the people of Uzbekistan. Second year I am in Tashkent and I still like the city very much.

Now with these words I wanted to thank all our partners and to assure that the focus of the UN System will always be people and wellbeing of people.

I wanted to convey my very warm messages to all of you and your beloved ones for healthy, prosperous and happy New Year 2015.

Thank you very much!

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