Caring about Earth – Universal Contribution to the Sustainable Future

Apr 28, 2017

These days a series of events dedicated to the International Earth Day were held in Tashkent and the regions. The events were held everywhere with involvement of the academia, ministries, agencies, social institutions, businesses, and most importantly, those, for whom caring about the environment is equivalent to the care about own home, about the bright and clear future.  Children from the Mehribonlik home # 30 decided to make their contribution to the common initiative.  The idea of hashar (community work) involving experts and environmentalists was supported by the organizations such as UNDP, State Committee for Environmental Protection.

Guided by the holistic approach, the event started with an introductory open lesson, where the organizers told children about the essence of celebrating International Earth Day worldwide.  About the importance of maintaining the integrity of ecosystems and how every one of us can live and act, maintaining harmony with the nature. This tradition started in the US in 1970 and was ad-hoc in nature.  In different periods some countries took over the initiative and conducted awareness-raising activities, uniting for planting trees, bushes, organized marches and trips. However, the International Earth Day gained global nature relatively recently after adoption of the respective Resolution by the UN on April 22, 2009.

Children were able to apply theoretical knowledge in practice, taking the spades, rakes, and other tools for planting own garden.  In the course of this part of the event, which was run by the representative of Tashkent Botanical garden, the children from Mehribonlik home not only got introduced to various types of tree such as Chitalpa tashkentensis, Celtis, Albizia julibrissin but also were personally involved in their planting, having learned many new things about how to care for plantlings so that to extend their life.

There were various quizzes and contests held in parallel, where the children strived to excel in games, learn many new things from each other, and share impressions of the event, and by the end of the day, everyone received prizes and gifts, reflecting the environmental theme of the day.

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