Further cooperation in Rule of Law discussed

Feb 28, 2017

On February 28, 2017 a courtesy meeting between Chairperson of the Supreme Court Shayunus Gaziev and UN Resident Coordinator, UNDP Resident Representative in Uzbekistan Stefan Prisner was conducted at the Supreme Court.

The sides discussed further cooperation for implementation of the objectives, outlined in Five-Area Development Action Strategy for 2017-2021, Presidential Decrees ‘Measures on further reforming of the judicial system, strengthening of the guarantees of reliable protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens’ dated October 21, 2016, and ‘On Measures for Fundamental Structure Development and Efficiency Increase of the Judicial System of the Republic of Uzbekistan’ dated February 21, 2017.

It is noted that outlined in these documents specific measures aimed at strengthening real independence of the judiciary and guarantees of protection of rights and freedoms of citizens, improving citizens’ access to justice, improving the system of counteraction to crime and crime prevention, realization of the adversarial principle in the trial, improving of legal aid and legal services delivery system.

In order to facilitate the implementation of the above objectives, the sides discussed following potential topics for the next phase of the joint project of the Supreme Court, UNDP and USAID ‘Rule of Law partnership in Uzbekistan’ for 2018-2020:

  • on strategic level, technical assistance and provide policy advice on international best practices on judicial independence, efficiency of court administration, judicial performance management, integrity and judicial selection to newly created Supreme Judicial Council and Justice Problems Analysis Centre;
  • support the capacity building of the newly restructured civil and economic courts, provide policy advice on development of new legislation and by-laws on justice sector and reviewing the procedural legislation in line with international standards of fair trial, due process, and access to justice;
  • collaboration in creating a new Administrative Court, which will consider legal disputes between citizens and government officials on decisions and actions of state agencies, violating the rights of people and entrepreneurs. In particular, UNDP can support the development of concept note, international expertise and knowledge, and drafting Code of Administrative Court Procedure;
  • based on previous achievements with the Supreme Court and Higher Economic Court on legislative amendments to procedural legislation to enable better access to justice of citizens and businesses, cooperation on improvement of transparency, accountability, accessibility and interaction of civil, economic and criminal courts with citizens;
  • cooperation in development of interactive e-tools, e-court, e-case management system, audio-video recording of trials, video-conferencing of regional trials and Internet-based technologies, access to judicial information for the public;
  • providing Supreme Court with evidence based options through conducting international comparative analysis on financial sustainability and financial management of courts;
  • providing practical assistance in conducting tailored and specific training for every category of judicial personnel, including judges, judge assistants, and other staff of newly establishing administrative courts and economical courts;
  • conducting trainings and seminars for Mass media representatives on coverage of court reform initiatives and impact of changes in the court system.

Both sides agreed to continue established in these areas cooperation within the joint project at the current phase as well as next phase.

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