Ozone and climate: Restored by a world united

Sep 16, 2016

September 16 – the date on which the entire world community celebrates the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. This designation was made after UN General Assembly adopted the resolution in 1994 to commemorate the signing of the Montreal Protocol – the most powerful policy tool for issues to prevent negative effects of ozone depletion.

“The world has changed since we last marked International Ozone Day. We now have our 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which will foster equitable inclusive growth and further the well-being of people and our planet,” mentioned the UN Secretary-General in his message on the occasion of this date.

Challenges on a global scale call for actions at a local level, and the targets and objectives are reflected in the tagline for the International Ozone Day 2016: “Working towards reducing global-warming HFCs under the Montreal Protocol”. From September 13 to September 14, representatives of national and local mass media of Uzbekistan set out on a tour along the route of the Ozone Layer recovery where they learned the practical implementation of declared initiatives on the example of several enterprises in the Fergana Valley.

“Our enterprise provides repair services for cooling and air conditioning equipment. We also produce commercial refrigerators. Thanks to support of UNDP in Uzbekistan, we have received these days modern equipment to extract ozone-depleting refrigerants used in our work, repair and maintenance of refrigerators and air-conditioners. This helps us to avoid uncontrolled releases of the ozone-depleting CFCs into air, saves time and money,” said Director of family-owned enterprise “Albatros Service” Alisher Yodgorov.

Through efforts of local specialists, Uzbekistan achieved considerable results on reduction of use of ozone-depleting substances (ODS). At present, total consumption of ODS has been reduced from 1,967.2 tonnes to 9.86 tonnes (taking into account the ozone-depleting potential) or by 99.5% as opposed to 1989 (base year for HCFC phase-out).

“As of today, 13 public and private companies of Ferghana Region received complete packages of specialized equipment for installation, repair and maintenance of climate equipment. As expected, this will allow to considerably reduce the ODS usage level, improve the process of replacement of ozone-depleting gases by ozone-safe gases. Overall, according to the survey and data processing results, 100 enterprises providing repair and maintenance services related to air conditioning, ventilation systems and cooling units have been selected across the republic. Each company will be supplied with required equipment. Moreover, five Centres for recycling and reuse of refrigerants have been established within the joint efforts of UNDP and the State Committee for Nature Protection of Uzbekistan. Two of them are located in Andijan and Ferghana,” noted specialist of the State Committee for Nature Protection of Ferghana Region, Bahodir Juraev.

Regardless of positive statistics, the work remains in progress. A framework for training qualified and certified specialists possessing necessary skills is being created in the country.

“Last year, myself and four other representatives from Uzbekistan attended and successfully completed training in the international Galileo Centre in Italian Casale Monferrato, where we received European A-category certificates granting the right to maintain cooling and climate equipment. After our return, we held a series of lectures for mechanics in Syrdarya. We also provide consultation to companies in Andijan region on selection, installation and use of new equipment,” said Director of PE “Hladomontaj” Anvar Ashurov.

Joint activity of UNDP in Uzbekistan and the State Committee for Nature Protection of Uzbekistan aimed at preservation of the entirety of the Earth’s ozone layer was demonstrated by way of presentations during the press conference held on September 15 with the participation of representatives of ministries, agencies and local mass media.

Entertainment programme for children of “Mehribonlik” orphanages delivered the final chord of events dedicated to celebration of the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. On September 16, in “Tashkent-Land” Amusement Park, children learnt in a playful way about harmful effects of solar UV radiation, protective role of the ozone layer, and also how each of us can make small contribution to the matter of global importance. Contests, quests and puzzles assisted to reinforce the knowledge gained.

Series of events held these days turned into another step in raising awareness of government authorities, economic entities, entrepreneurs and the public on special significance of the ozone layer, its preservation for environment and population health, on results achieved at global and national levels in the field of prevention of activities potentially threatening the ozone layer and leading to climate changes.

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