The Supreme Court held a press conference on ICTs introduction to courts

Jun 10, 2016


The Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan conducted a press-conference at the National Press-Centre of Uzbekistan, aimed at discussing the introduction of ICTs in courts and their positive effect on the quality and efficiency of justice process. The joint project of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United Nations Development Programme “Rule of Law Partnership in Uzbekistan” participated in the press-conference. The event engaged journalists and representatives of print, television and radio media outlets. Kholmumin Yodgorov, Chairperson of the Judicial Board on Civil Cases of the Supreme Court answered the questions of the participants. 

In Uzbekistan, given the growth of applications filed to courts by individuals and legal entities and, as a consequence, the increase in workload of judges, there is of high importance the issue of implementing new methods of improving the efficiency of performance of courts. Implementation of ICT as a means of optimizing judicial proceedings can contribute to creating open and accessible courts. At the moment in Uzbekistan there has been adopted a legislative framework, which enables submission of applications to courts in electronic form. Accordingly, by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan there is being developed the National Electronic Case Management System E-SUD (

The system E-SUD is intended for automation of consideration of civil cases and statements to issue a judicial order, and enables citizens to file applications to courts in electronic form, thereby saving time and money of litigants. After registration in the system, users obtain access to all case materials, as well as to determinations and decisions passed by courts, and are able to track the progress of consideration of cases. On the other hand, judges are able to optimize their work thanks to the fast-track process of issuance of documents and the templates available in the system.

Today, the system E-SUD operates in part of passing court order in eight courts on civil cases of Tashkent city and Tashkent region. Also for the launch of the system there are prepared the civil courts of the Tashkent region. In these courts there are created local area networks and the judges are provided with the latest computers and necessary office equipment. Judges and court personnel are getting training at the local level based on special education programs and are improving their skills for working with the information system. Also, the system is being learned by external users, which are the employees of utility service providers and tax inspectorates.

These actions are being carried out within the framework of the joint Project of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United Nations Development Programme “Rule of Law Partnership in Uzbekistan”.

Apart from the development and introduction of electronic justice, other new technologies are also being introduced into the justice sector. Particularly, in 2015 new official website of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan ( has been designed and launched, offering a wide array of information and interactive services to citizens, including an option to file applications in electronic form through the system E-SUD.

In addition, the Supreme Court is currently developing a mechanism of introduction of audiovisual conference equipment, which will allow establishing communication between the Supreme Court and the regional courts of general jurisdiction. The audiovisual conference system will allow to reduce legal expenses of the parties to dispute, as well as judges, giving the option to conduct court hearings, conferences, and other educational events on distance basis, through the system.

Over the course of the press-conference, apart from the above information, the participants also received various new publications and answers to all of their questions. 

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