UNDP Deputy Regional Director visit to Uzbekistan

Apr 28, 2016

From the 25th to the 28th of April, the Deputy Regional Director of the UNDP Regional Bureau for Europe and CIS Mr. Olivier Adam visited Uzbekistan to review the strategic results achieved by UNDP’s Country Office and its national partners, and to advocate for further strengthened cooperation. The visit comes at an opportune time, when the UNDAF 2016-2020 programme is beginning and nationalized SDGs are being elaborated on.

During his four-day visit Mr. Adam took note of improvements UNDP has made in Uzbekistan, following the last UNDAF’s completion and the end of the MDG era. His visit particularly focused on achievements in the legal and economic sectors, two fields where extensive international expertise and best practices have been utilized to enhance national practice and build global standing.

A highlight of Mr. Adam’s visit has included a series of meetings with a number of key representatives of UNDP’s main national partners, including the Minister of Economy of Uzbekistan, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, members of the committee of the Senate on Foreign-Political Relations and several others. During these meetings Mr. Adam strengthened bilateral cooperation between UNDP and national partners, took inventory of successful initiatives, and outlined plans for future joint efforts.

Additionally, during his visit Mr. Adam met with representatives from the Supreme Court of Uzbekistan, to review efforts for strengthening public access to and trust in court systems. The impact of introducing E-SUD (e-justice) system was particularly reviewed, including its use as a means of scaling-up the accessibility and efficiency of Uzbekistan’s civil courts, particularly for vulnerable population groups.

As part of continuing efforts to build Uzbekistan’s business sector and progress further in the World Bank Doing Business ranking, the latter seeing considerable advancement in 2016, UNDP and its national partners have collaborated to strengthen reform to improve the business environment. Mr. Adam visited the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to discuss advancements made in this regard.

During the meeting Mr. Adam got acquainted with the significant scaling-up of the ‘One-Stop-Shop’ model of service provision within Uzbekistan, part of the process of developing Inclusive Markets. This ‘single window’ approach has made setting up a small business a less daunting tasks, encouraging many more entrepreneurs to go into business. At the end of the meeting Mr. Adam commended Uzbekistan’s progression in the World Bank Doing Business ranking.

UNDP Deputy Regional Director also visited the Tashkent’s Earthquake Simulation Complex at the Institute of Civil Protection in Tashkent City. The facility serves to build public awareness of Uzbekistan’s vulnerability to seismic activity, and educate the public on the best means of preparing for and behaving during earthquakes. By adopting strategies to increase awareness on the threat of natural disasters and building resilience to cope with them, the Complex is helping vulnerable communities as well as the responsible institutions to be better prepared when disasters strike. 

It is expected that the visit by the Deputy Regional Director of the UNDP Regional Bureau for Europe and CIS Mr. Olivier Adam will further strengthen UNDP’s position of confidence in Uzbekistan, leading to greater levels of achievement in the future.  

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