Uzbekistan to celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Dec 2, 2015

International Day of Persons with Disabilities Festival will be held on 2 December 2015 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Tashkent. The Festival will be an important part of a series of events intended to draw public attention to issues faced by persons with disabilities and ensuring equity for everyone.

According to World Health Organization, about 15 percent of global population has some kind of disability and is the world’s largest minority. This figure is increasing year on year due to demographic growth, breakthroughs in healthcare and increasing life expectancy. Therefore, developing inclusive, discrimination-free and equitable societies is an important challenge of today’s world.

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities is one of the best opportunities to draw public attention to the need of promoting inclusive societies. This Day was adopted by the UN General Assembly’s Resolution in 1992 and is  annually marked worldwide on 3 December.

This year, the Festival in Uzbekistan will consist of a concert by people with special needs and youth of Uzbekistan, and a photo exhibition. Photos that will be presented are expected to share silent but expressive stories about people who live full and bright lives despite their special needs. Guests will also learn about the achievements of social enterprises to be displayed in the exhibition.

Large-scale media campaign including video broadcasts on national television will help raise public awareness, especially among youth, of the progress Uzbekistan has achieved in strengthening social protection of persons with disabilities during the years of its independence.

Marking the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is an opportunity to attract greater public attention to the problems faced by people with disabilities, protection of their dignity, rights and wellbeing, and to show the societies some of the advantages of involving women and men with disabilities in political, social, economic and cultural areas.

The events will be organized by the UN, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Uzbekistan and the Advisory Council of NGOs of persons with disabilities under the Association of Uzbek NGOs.

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