Focusing on the new practices of sustainable land use

Aug 26, 2015


A two-day workshop focused on discussion of structural components of the integrated planning of natural resources use will take place in the Khokimiyat of  Karakul district, Bukhara region, on August 26-27.

Farmers, involved in dry-land farming, cattle breeders, lecturers of agricultural college, representatives of local administration, Council of farmers, Senior management and activists of rural communities, members of dekhkan entities and etc. were invited to the workshop.

According to the work schedule, specialists are to discuss “Conditions of the project area pastures and plan of actions to prevent pasture degradation” describing the measures to reduce pressures on natural resources. The ways to improve the productivity of animals in the dekhkan entities, as well as presentation of technologies on preparation of the rough grass feedstuff are also included to the agenda. Specialists will discuss the opportunities for improvement of legislation in the field of pasture use, basing on the Draft Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Besides, participants will be informed on the conditions for green areas creation on the territories of forestry and settlements of Karakul district, that will also contribute implementation of new practices of sustainable land use to generate income sources of the population.   

The event is initiated by the joint Project of UNDP/GEF/Government of Uzbekistan: “Reducing Pressures on Natural Resources from Competing Land Use in Non-Irrigated Arid Mountain, Semi-Desert and Desert Landscapes of Uzbekistan”.

Earlier the UNDP project’s management held a seminar in Zaamin, Jizzakh region dedicated to the issues of the “Structural components of the Integrated Planning of Natural Resources Use” where the specialists could brief the audience on the issues of increasing the efficiency of dry-land farming by means of resource-saving technologies. Participants also obtained information about gender initiatives for introducing new practices of sustainable land use.

The project is being implemented according to the two components, which are – the best practices on sustainable rangeland and forestry management and Integrated Planning of Natural Resources Use (INRM) planning up-scaled in target districts of Uzbekistan; and - an enabling cross-sector environment and in-country capacity (at system, institutional and individual levels) for applying integrated landscape management in arid mountain, semi-desert and desert areas of Uzbekistan.

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