What happened on ICT Week

Sep 22, 2015


The ICT Week - an annual event with a significant participation of state bodies, foreign guests, private sector and international organizations took place in Uzbekistan. The joint project of UNDP and the Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Mininfokom) on "Promotion of e-government to improve the quality of public services" also took an active part in the ICT Week - ICTWEEK Uzbekistan 2015.

ICT Week is a place, where communication and exchange of experience and demonstration of the achievements of modern technology and innovation meets at once. This event is the premier event in the ICT sector, consisting of the Summit, forums, exhibitions and conferences, as well as many activities, awards and presentations.

This year, according to tradition, the event was attended by international experts and recognized specialists of IT-industry, experts of private companies, government officials, representatives of relevant ministries and agencies, journalists and simply users.

UNDP project also attracted two international experts: Mr. Ivan Fost, an expert on open data from the Department of Information Technology of the Government of Moscow and Mr. Richard Kerby, Senior Interregional Advisor on eGovernment from UNDESA.

UNDESA - United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA). He works closely with governments and stakeholders to assist countries worldwide to achieve their goals of economic, social and environmental.

Mr. Fost took part as the expert in Hackathon on open data, which was held from 10 to 12 September in the framework of the ICT Week, and which was supported by Mininfokom. In particular, he shared the international experience of using open data to create applications and programs, told the participants about the Russian experience of the Hackathon and left the recommendations for "Uzinfocom" Center to improve the quality of the data set in the portal data.gov.uz

Hackathon - an event where small teams of participants in a very short period of time create new software products, infographics and other data visualization solutions based on the open data. It features dynamic (the duration of the event takes 1.5-2 days) and the special atmosphere of creativity and passion that unites the participants with a variety of competences in the field of IT: programmers, designers, analysts, and simply those who decided to try his hand in something new, in a close-knit team.

As a result, Hackathon, where the main objective was the idea of ​​promotion of open data in Uzbekistan and their applications in 3 categories: best app or service developed based on open data, the best solution for the visualization of open data, best app using open data of Tashkent region has ended with the following results.

In the first category the prize was awarded to Intense Group team composed of Saidov Bekzod, Mukhtarov Alisher, Shakirov Saidravshan, Tairov Maruf. They have developed a prototype of a mobile and web application Fixit - related to fix city infrastructure issues (housing, transport, infrastructure) in real time. This product uses geopositioning as well as open data of government agencies and the data generated by users. The second prize went to the team X-hack composed of Tajibayev Ulugbek, Ravshanov Samandar, Abdullayev Ozodruh, Isakov Asylbek for the project UzCheck – another service to generate complaints of citizens in the field of housing, infrastructure and transportation systems of the city.

In the second category the winner was the Bee Inc team with Davronbekov Otabek, Holmatov Siyavushhon, Rakhimov Zhovohir, Saidvaliev Husan with their virtual interactive map of Uzbekistan. The idea is particularly useful in the educational process, which can be in the form of three-dimensional study of not only geography, but also the history of the country with the visual context. Second place in this category got the AXA team with Kayumov Anwar, Hayotov Muhamadali, Habibullaev Hikmat with their idea of economic statistics based on visual virtual reality.

Sirozhiddin Matchanov the sole member of MSN team won the first prize in the third category with his web directory of organizations of Tashkent region with the function to collect user comments and adaptive layout. And the second in this category was the team of FJ Company composed of Farhad Kasymov, Julia Patsulevich, Edgar Ayrapetov for a mobile application for the visualization of bus routes on 3D map.

Awarding of the winners and participants of Hackaton was held in September 18th at the closing ceremony of the ICT Week in Uzbekistan in the City Palace Tashkent hotel.

Mr. Richard Kerby held meetings and consultations with a number of ministries and departments of Uzbekistan within his part of the ICT Week, in particular with the Ministry of National Education, Higher and Secondary Special Education, Health, the State Committee for Nature Protection, and many others. Improving the quality of the data set, improving the quality of e-government services were the main issues at the meetings. After the meeting, Mr. Kerby, mainly recommended disaggregated data on open data portal in different categories, codified data, work on a common format for such data, to try to increase the number of interactive government services on a single portal and promote e-participation of citizens.

Also, Mr. Kerby made a presentation at the ICT Summit, which took place on September 18. He highlighted issues of re-engineering of business processes for successful implementation of e-services. His examples of international experience were interesting to the participants of the summit and attracted interest from the public.

In addition to providing international participation, UNDP Uzbekistan also took direct part in the ICT Week. In particular, the UNDP Resident Representative in Uzbekistan Mr. Stefan Prisner made a report on UNDP assistance in the development of the ICT sector, e-government, and of effective administrative reforms in Uzbekistan. For example, he mentioned the results in improving the activity of state bodies in the framework of the project "Support to the development of local authorities”, achievements of the project on "Promotion of e-government ", the achievements of initiatives to build the rule of law in the framework of the project "Partnership in the field of rule of law" and others.

It is necessary to note the participation of Ms. Aziza Umarova, head of UNDP's good governance unit, Mr. Bunyod Avliyokulov, manager of UNDP’s project on e-government promotion and Ms. Diyora Kabulova, research coordinator of the same project. Their presentations were focused on development of an effective system of electronic government and the prospects of development of open data in Uzbekistan.

In particular, Ms. Umarova stated in her speech: "E-government is like an iceberg. We only see a small part of it - the role of ICT - 20%. And the remaining 80% is administrative reform".

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