The Best Practices of One-Stop-Shops in Chirchik, Djizak and Namangan Cities are Discussed

May 26, 2014

Chirchik city, May 21, 2014


The khokimyiat of Chirchik city hosted the Workshop entitled “Activity of OSS to provide public services to individuals and legal entities: practical experience and prospects”. The event was organized by the administration of Tashkent region, regional division of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Joint Programme of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan and UNDP 'Local Governance Support/Phase-2' (LGSP-2).

The Workshop was used as a platform to showcase the experience of OSS in Chirchik, Djizak and Namangan cities, and to discuss organizational and legal aspects of OSS’s activities.

The OSS is one of the elements of e-Government that provides various types of public services to people and businesses by effectively using ICT opportunities.

“Such single access points help citizens obtain high-quality social, utility and other types of public services within short time in one place, where one can make a payment for the provided services, if necessary. The OSS is indeed very convenient and user-friendly for both citizens and businesses”, emphasized the Deputy Khokim of Tashkent region Anvar Abdukadirov.

Providing public services to citizens through OSS is also handy for government institutions and agencies, since this practice exempts them from liabilities related to citizen reception, consideration of their inquiries and complaints, as well as enhances the transparency of inquiry consideration process, saves administrative and operational costs, while arranging more time for agencies to fulfill their other main functions.

The Workshop participants visited the OSS in Chirchik city. The city Khokim Furqat Khamudullaev familiarized the visitors with brief history of the OSS, which was opened in August 2011. It was established based on the model of the OSS in Sergili district of Tashkent city – the first pilot model of OSS in Uzbekistan. The concept of this institution is that government agencies parachute their employees to OSS to perform activities related to reception of citizen inquiries and appeals, issue relevant certificates.

Today Chirchik city OSS provides public services of utility companies and other state agencies, including Gorgas (City Gas supply), Gorelektroset (City Electricity supply), Gorvodokanal (City water supply), as well as City tax inspection, Center for employment support and social protection of population, Inspection for registration of private enterprises, Consulting center of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Cadastre unit, LLC “Chirkom”, “Chirchik Universal Plus” company, branch office of IPOTEKA bank.

In 2013 the OSS processed over 35000 inquiries and appeals of residents. “Total number of registered subscribers-users of public services in Chirchik city amounts to 32000-36000 units, so one can suppose that every subscriber used the services of OSS at least once”, said the Head of city administration. Total amount of provided public services makes around 3.5 billion soums.

The Workshop participants also learned about the experience of OSS in Djizak and Namangan cities, which were established by LGSP-2 in December 2011. Unlike the OSS in Chirchik city, they were created as State Unitary Enterprises under city khokimiyats, had salaried employees and office premises, equipped with furniture and landline telephone. LGSP-2 provided technical support to the procurement of necessary IT devices, training of the OSS personnel on ICT skills, installment of high-speed Internet connection.

Here the city residents may obtain free information and consultation on employment, non-budgetary pension benefits, primary and secondary education, insurance, business start-up, as well as get information on their utility debts. In the first quarter of 2014, these OSSs processed over 1600 inquiries and appeals of citizens.

With a view to ensure the financial sustainability of the OSS in Djizak and Namangan cities, several paid services to citizens and businesses were introduced. In particular, the OSS rents its training room for conducting seminars and trainings, provides almost all types of computer services, assists in developing and submitting of electronic reports of private companies to tax and statistics agencies, etc.

The organizational and legal aspects of OSS’s activities, existing administrative and regulatory barriers, impeding the creation and effective operation of OSS were also discussed during the event. The participants identified several measures to tackle the issues and to scale-up the successful experience of OSS in Tashkent region. In particular, it was proposed:

  • To develop the legal act, approve the provisions of OSS and identify the legal status of OSS and its source of financing;
  • To classify public services;
  • To list the appropriate public services for OSS;
  • To develop the mechanism of self-financing of OSS;
  • To enhance the capacity of OSS personnel;
  • To raise citizen’s awareness of OSS activities.

The administration of Chirchik city and LGSP-2 discussed the possible organization of tours of khokimiyat employees to Djizak and Namangan cities to familiarize with the OSS, established with the support of UNDP.

The Workshop brought together over 90 people (20 women), including deputies of khokims of cities and districts of Tashkent region, responsible for social and economic development, representatives of UNDP, regional division of Ministries of Justice, Finance, Economy, Tax Committee, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, regional Center for computerization, regional utility companies, private enterprises and regional Media.

As a follow-up to the Workshop, it is expected that the proposal on the importance of development of normative act 'On organizing the activity of OSS to provide public services to individuals and legal entities' will be submitted to the Government for further consideration.

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