UNDP will assist Government of Uzbekistan in modernization of regulatory policy

Apr 25, 2014

A new joint project between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Institute for Monitoring of Current Legislation under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan (IMCL) entitled "Support to Enhancement of Lawmaking, Rulemaking and RIA" was successfully discussed on Friday, April 25, 2014.

The meeting was held at the premises of IMCL with participation of a wide range of representatives of the Parliament, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Academy of Public Administration under the President of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Justice, University of Law, Independent Institute for Monitoring the Formation of Civil Society, think tanks and UNDP.

The goal of the discussion was to develop a common vision and to discuss the proposed list of conferences, seminars and specific events to be held and aimed at strengthening national capacity in modernizing the institutional framework of lawmaking and rulemaking, conducting legal expertise, joint development of modern effective methods of monitoring legislative acts and evaluation of their impact on the course of social and economic reforms as well as methodological assistance in conducting anti-corruption expertise of legal acts based on international best practices.

Moreover the activities will involve system analysis of ongoing cooperation between the committees of Chambers of the Parliament with ministries and agencies in carrying out legislative functions together with developing recommendations on improving legal and regulatory framework.

Meeting participants expressed their confidence in the Project being relevant and up to date as improving the quality of lawmaking is the requirement of time in light of the constitutional reforms being carried out in Uzbekistan.

Based on national priorities and fully considering national interests of the Republic of Uzbekistan set out in the Concept of further deepening democratic reforms and formation of civil society in the country, the Project will be implemented in close collaboration with national partners during the period of 2014 -2016.

Implementation of this comprehensive Project will assume overall coordination by IMCL, with the involvement of several key stakeholders - the Oliy Majlis, Cabinet of Ministers, the Academy of Public Administration of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Justice, key ministries / government agencies from the national side. In the framework of the Project UNDP will also introduce the best international standards and practices to national experts.





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