Call for applications for participation at the Summer School 2014 on Human Development

Mar 28, 2014

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Uzbekistan announces registration of applicants for Summer School on human development 2014. The main objective of the Summer School on human development 2014 is to equip participants with understanding of trends of human development at global, regional and national levels, to review tools to explore measurements of human development, including the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), to share experiences and acquire relevant skills to apply the HD concept in research and at work. In addition, the Summer School aims to advance the human development concept as a tool of critical analysis of the current political, socio-economic processes and issues of sustainable environment. The Summer School is organized in two stages – online and interactive modules and conducted in three languages: Uzbek, Russian and English.

The 2014 Summer School includes two training modules:

·         On-line module, 2 hours per day (April 14 – May 12, 2014);

·         Interactive module, 8 hours per day (May 26-28, 2014, Samarkand city).

The Summer School is open to the citizens of Uzbekistan above 18 years and who is interested in the human development concept, regardless of their location, field of education or professional activity. Please note the finalists of prior schools on Human Development organized under the auspices of UNDP in Uzbekistan cannot participate at the interactive module of the school.

On-line module of the school is designed as a self-learning review by participants of key practical approaches in the area of human development based on the latest developments in Human Development Reports and literature. This module provides a stock of materials and enables participants to run discussions on the online forum, moderated by lecturers.

The most successful 20 participants of the first module will be selected for the interactive module, consisting of workshops and role-play exercises conducted by experts of the UNDP in the area of human development and independent national specialists. Based on the results of presentations on human development prepared by participants of the interactive module they will be awarded with certificates of participation. The UNDP will cover expenses (travel, accommodation and meals in Samarkand) of selected participants who are based in Uzbekistan at the beginning of interactive module.

All candidates of the Summer School should register at, send a resume in Russian, Uzbek or English to together with identification document (scanned copy of passport) the subject line "Summer School on human development 2014”. For more information on our Summer School and the application process, please proceed to Please email your questions to or call at +998 71 1203458.

We are looking forward for your applications!