Meeting with staff of the ‘CNPC Silk Road Group LLC’ company

Mar 19, 2014

UNDP in Uzbekistan

The ‘CNPC Silk Road Group LLC’ company is one of the partners of the ‘Mainstreaming Biodiversity into Uzbekistan’s Oil and Gas Sector Policies and Operations’ project which is the joint project of UNDP/GEF/Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Ongoing dialogue with partners is crucial for achieving project results because exchange of views and information on the project work contributes to a better understanding of the need and importance of biodiversity conservation in partners’ activities. Therefore, on February 28, 2014 the project held a meeting with the staff of the company at its office. It is important to note that the ‘CNPC Silk Road Group LLC’ company was represented at a high level, the meeting was attended by Mr. Zhang Lu, Deputy General Director of the company; Mr. Li Ren, Deputy General Director; Mr. Zhang Guobin, head of procurement and contracts department; Mr. Stanislav Kim, Deputy Head of drilling department; Mr. Farrukh Mamadjanov, Deputy Head of procurement and contracts department and others.

Meeting which was opened with a welcome speech by Mr. Zhang Lu, Deputy General Director of the company, allowed the parties to exchange views on the issues of biodiversity conservation in the oil and gas sector and share knowledge on new approaches. The presentation made by Kh.Sherimbetov, project manager about the project and its implementation aroused great interest of the company's employees. There were many questions about the additions in the laws prepared by the project and submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan, as well as about the methods of execution of offset schemes in Uzbekistan, in particular Mr. Farrukh Mamajanov, Deputy Chief of the procurement and contracts department of the company, posed questions about methods of measuring compensation. In turn, the ‘CNPC Silk Road Group LLC’ company shared its experience in the field of nature protection. So, Mr. Stanislav Kim, Deputy Head of drilling department told us about the steps taken by the company to ensure that the company has had minimal impact on the environment. This was shown on the example of the work undertaken by the Company in the East Alat field of Karakul investment block.

Meeting showed that oil and gas companies are interested in getting more information on new methods of biodiversity conservation and on potential changes in legislation as well as that there is the need to involve oil and gas companies in dialogue. 

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