Inclusive Employment and Social Partnership Project Roundtable

Oct 25, 2013

‘Inclusive Employment and Social Partnership’ project gathered representatives of social enterprises working in Uzbekistan (a similar event was held in November last year). During this round table, participants discussed the prospects of developing social entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan and also gave their feedback on the draft practical guide on ‘Manual on Creation and Provision of Sustainable and Efficient Social Enterprise’.

Special guests of the event were Mr. Nadir Khudayarov - Project Specialist on Legal Issues and Mr. Abduhofiz Tangirkulov - Project Specialist on Tax Issues, who in their presentations did their best to bring theory social enterprises to practice.

Mr. Nadir Khudayarov - Project Specialist on Legal Issues:

About 40 people – managers and specialists of social enterprises from across the country gathered to work together on the ‘Manual’, which is a handbook for specialists of social enterprises.

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